Who We Are

We are New York's friendliest bike club.

And we prove that on every ride that we do. Whether you are new to cycling, a commuter seeking new adventures, or an avid cyclist, we have rides for you. Quite simply, when you ride with the 5BBC, you ride with friends.

Our rides

Our rides are more than just getting there and back; they are an experience to be shared. We accommodate all skill levels. For beginners and casual cyclists we offer "happy face rides" that will get you off and rolling. For intermediate cyclists, we have rides that will push you further than you have gone before. For advanced cyclists, you can let loose and fly on our quick spins. We have short 20 mile jaunts and longer 75 mile treks.

Our rides are safe, led by trained and experienced leaders who will motivate and encourage you. Before each ride we discuss safety and perform our famous two minute bike check. Most of our rides use the point-drop-sweep system so you won't get lost. If you have a mechanical issue on the ride, we will help you fix it or see to it that you get safely home.

Our rides are fun. From the Summer's Beach Bum series to Winter's Frostbite Rides, you can ride year round with the 5BBC. We have exploration rides where you will see areas of the city that you never know existed. We have historic rides where you will discover more about your surroundings. We have rides into the country to escape the grid. We have culinary adventure rides where the destination is food. We have the rides that you want to do. 

Why Join

Our $25 membership fee is one of the best bargains in the city, and supports our many programs. You get weekly updates for all our amazing rides throughout the year. Once per month you get a copy of Bicycletter,the club's newsletter. Membership earns you discounts at numerous bike shops all over the city. You become a better and safer cyclist. You get in better shape. You discover new places. You meet new friends. In short, you become part of a community.

The Five Borough Bicycle Club, Inc., is a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation organized in the State of New York exclusively for charitable, educational, and recreational purposes. The By-laws and Standing Rules are posted for public viewing.

Get Involved

We're a volunteer based organization and we need volunteers year round. Your help is why we can list rides for members (take our Leadership class and become a Leader!), participate in community events like the Bike Expo, Summer Streets, the High Bridge Festival, and Earth Day. We need your help with our socials, our programs (such as bike maintenance classes) and our annual Holiday Party. If any of these sound like something you want to get involved with, please email communications@5bbc.org and let us know!

But's it's not just about our club. We believe in strong ties to the community, grass roots advocacy to create safe cycling spaces, and supporting our neighbors and friends. Get involved!

Come ride with us and become part of our community of friendly cyclists.