Faire du vélo un beau Montréal avec le 5BBC / Cycling a nice bit of Montreal with the 5BBC

By Alfredo Garcia

Since 2015, the 5BBC has revived, with flare, a nice lead-in weekend trip to Montreal’s Tour de L’lle. It is a bike event similar to New York City’s Five Borough Bicycle Tour, but in our sister Canadian city of Montreal, Quebec province. You’ll see a much bigger ride, spread evenly our and beautiful glimpse of this beautiful city.

We will do this again, from June 2 to June 4, 2017

Thoughts In Memory of Phil O'Reilly by Mary Lou Martinez

Last week I was asked to write something about Phil O’Reilly and although I tried, nothing I wrote sounded right.

I sat down, with my tub of coffee, early this AM and tried again.  Again…nothing.

I gave up, went back to bed and just when I started to doze, the telephone rang.

It was a friend from the bike club – a close friend of Phil’s.

Ignoring the many apologies for waking me up, we began to talk a bit – finally getting around to talk about Phil.

“Tomorrow’s going to be bad.”

“You mean the wake?”


Why I Ride

I learned to ride a bike when I was very young but growing up in a small town in an era when cars were boss, my love of cycling, ironically, didn’t take off until I moved to the Big City.  It was more a need for an inexpensive social activity than a desire to become more physically fit that lead me to get serious about cycling in New York City.