Sedan Delivery: Staten Island-Belford

Thursday, June 17, 2021 - 08:30
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Gotta get away, gotta get outta here, gotta get away…Let’s ride long on a challenging route to go on a pleasant ferry cruise back to the city.


At the start, we’ll take the 8:30AM ferry to a certain borough. From there, we’ll ride straightforward to a bike-friendly crossing to Union County, NJ. Going south, our goal is to reach Belford, an “unincorporated community” in Monmouth County, NJ. We’ll catch the only commuter weekday ferry of the day, to Manhattan, via Belford.


Ride will limited to eight riders & two leaders.


Nearly 50 miles, some busy traffic & some broken roads to navigate, bridges to climb and rolling hills to conquer, about 30 miles before lunch. Then continue the last 7 miles on an idyllic greenway, as seen on the photograph above. Ride a quiet road to our ferry terminal conclusion. I’m not the fastest or the slowest. My emphasis is to keep riding on a steady basis. Except for lunch, rest/food stops along various way stations will be kept to a minimum. We’re going to board that boat.


This is a Moderate paced ride, meaning you must be able to ride 12 miles per hour on flat terrain.  Make sure your bike is in good working condition. Bring a spare tube, pump, tire irons, sunscreen, a mask, sanitizer or wipes and a good appetite.  The ride will end at a ferry terminal off the Henry Hudson Trail.


The start location & details will be emailed to registered riders.

Nearly 50
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