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A Forgotten Boro Jaunt
A Forgotten Boro Jaunt
Saturday, June 12, 2021 - 09:45

This is a new ride, and parts of it will be a true scout.  After departing the SI Ferry, we travel on Bay Street to the wonderfully named Fingerboard Road. We then meander to Todt Hill, where we see some pretty fine mansions. From Todt Hill, it is a short way to the Gustav Mayer Home in New Dorp.  This is a wonderful old mansion once owned by the guy who invented Nilla Wafers. Oh yeah, its also haunted by his two daughters.  We then climb to High Rock Park for both a picnic lunch and an optional short hike.  Remember to take walking shoes and a picnic lunch with you.  After the picnic and hike, it is back on the bike as we cut across the island via Manor Road, and around lovely Brooks Lake and Alison Pond before returning to the Ferry via Richmond Terrace

This ride will be held at a moderate pace.  Just be aware that this is Staten Island.  You must be comfortable riding on well trafficked roads.  And of, course, there will be a hill or two.  There is over 1,000 feet of elevation, and a short 10% climb up to the park.  Also, as part of this ride is a true scout - there may be an oopsie or two.  

BRING:  A picnic lunch, plenty of fluids, walking shoes, snacks, spare tubes, and a spirit of fun and adventure.  We will be meeting on the Manhattan side of the SI Ferry at 9:45 and will be on the 10:00 Ferry.  If anyone will be meeting us on the other side - let me know.

20 ish
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