Staten Island North Shore Greenway

Once they Built a Railroad. Now it's done. Make it a Bike Path
Once they Built a Railroad. Now it's done. Make it a Bike Path
Sunday, April 11, 2021 - 10:00

The former Borough President, Guy Molinari, built a pilot project at the old Sailor's Snug Harbor station. This is so important, We Want People to have a chance to see a possible New Green Way!! One of the best raw material for a bike trail is an abandoned railroad. Now, as a railroader & a cyclist, I'm often torn as to what should be built. New York City is full of abandoned right of ways. In Staten Island, not so much. Geologically it's a big rock. Trains don't do well climbing steep grades. But, the trade off is that the B & O Railroad built it's Lines in the only place it could, along the coast. So, here's the story. I'd like to show cyclists what's there. Why? Because, that's the first baby step to turning it into a path for runners, walkers, strollers and yes, bikers! So, the deal is this. Be ready to explore a little with your feet and a lot with your minds. If you know something about the North Shore Branch, share it. The basic stuff is that it goes from St. George, along the shore, then inland, up onto an elevated section, then into a cut in the ground, under the Bayonne and Goethals Bridges and almost to Staten Islands Fresh Kills Park. The last part uses bike lanes. Just imagine going from the Ferry to the Park( or New Jersey) basically traffic free. We'll meet in lower Manhattan at 930.  Staten Islands best pizza and Ice cream at their factory? Why not? Here's Melody (Mel) Bryant's blog on the subject. It will tell you a lot. THIS IS A ROAD BIKE RIDE. THERE IS NO OFF ROAD RIDING.

Registered riders will be notified of the start location before the ride.  All riders should come equipped with a mask, hand sanitizer, a spare tube, sunscreen, snacks, hydration and a bike in good condition.  Rides during the Pandemic are limited.  Important:  You must remove yourself from the list ASAP if you no longer can make the ride.  Not withdrawing from the ride listing prevents others on the wait-list from participating





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