Queens to Roosevelt Island

Sunday, November 22, 2020 - 10:00

Join us for a ride to Roosevelt Island.  Start/finish will be in the vicinity of Cunningham Park.  Once closed to the public, today Roosevelt Island is home to a residential community and a number of parks and landmarks. At the island’s southern end, lies the Louis Kahn–designed Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park.  We view creepy, decrepit Renwick Ruin (a former smallpox hospital) and the Octagon tower (the remnants of an insane asylum).  On the northern tip, a 19th-century lighthouse anchors a park from where visitors can get wide-angle views of NYC.  Photo-op!

For the new, Cornell Univ Tech.  This is Cornell’s attempt to create a higher ed institution on the east coast to copy Stanford’s business/technology curriculum which has graduated many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.  There is a private-public space on Campus we hope to find.

Take out lunch will be from Villa Brazil Café.  Have you not tried Brazilian food?  You may have to join the ride just for the food!  We will eat outdoors in nearby Dwyer Park.

This ride is rated Happy Face based on 30 miles distance, 800 feet elevation; and with urban city street riding and city traffic, our average pace will be 10mph.

Important:  Please ‘unregister’ in a timely manner if you can no longer make the ride.  This will allow others on the waitlist to participate.  Please do not register if you do not intend to ride the complete route.  This action would deprive a fellow member the opportunity to ride the complete route.

31 miles
Ride Type: 
Happy Face
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