Up in Arms - Brooklyn Armories

Armory Series
Armory Series
Sunday, November 22, 2020 - 10:30

"A Well Regulated Militia" ued to mean something other than bearded yahoos in pickup trucks.  Brooklyn was home to many regiments - some who served in the Civil War and Spanish American War.  We will visit seven armories throughout the borough.  These castle like buildings radiate strength.  We will see the 14 Regiment Armory in Park Slope - the home to the "Red Legged Devils."  We will head to Troop C - home to the men and horses of the first Cavalry Regiment in NYC.  And we will go to the small 3rd Gatling Regiment.  We will take a few minutes to talk about the history of these buildings, the units that operated out of them, and what they are used for now.  

As this is a short ride, we do not anticipate any lunch stops, so feel free to take a snack if you get hangry.  The ride ends in Park Slope where there are numeorus eating and drinking options.  

Please regiister for the ride, and email me if you have to bow out of the ride.  The exact starting place will be provided to those who sign up for the ride.  We will be following all Covid precautions.  Stay tuned for armory rides in other boroughs in the near future.  





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