Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge Bike Path Crossing Ride

Early start - - BIke the Bridge's newly opened shared use path!
Early start - - BIke the Bridge's newly opened shared use path!
Sunday, July 5, 2020 - 08:00

BIG THANX to Jim Z and Ken W for welcoming a 2nd, and earlier starting, tranche of their bridge loop ride!  It's great for the club to have more rides, and more options, given our sizing limits these days.

NOTE:  Yes, it's an earlier start than the other ride (but we'll all appreciate being finito as mid-afternoon heat rolls in); plus it's less mileage (will also help us finish earlier)  - - so both are worth the "up and out early" start time. After all, it's SUM-MAH!. So early to bed the night before and set your clocks early. There could also well be heavier usage on the new bridge pathway as the day progresses as this is a popular attraction, so this way we hopefully miss out on crowded walkways/scenic overlooks.


BACKGROUND (from their description):  In 2017, the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge replaced the 1955-vintage Tappan Zee Bridge linking Westchester and Rockland Counties. In June 2020, the Cuomo Bridge added a shared use path for cyclists and pedestrians. Our mission is to bicycle across the Hudson River on this bridge path and return safely to NYC.

OUR RIDE:  Meets in North Manhattan (exact spot provided to registered riders). Route includes GWB, 9W, Lamont Observatory, Tallman Mountain Park, Piermont Road, Cuomo Bridge path, Broadway, and either North/South County Trailways or maybe we'll hug the river and thus be more westerly of all that.  Definitely BYO lunch, snacks, and bevs (although there will be hydration and RR stops along the way). We will have a break for sure on a bridge overlook if safety permits.  No Point-Drop-Sweep (except in a few places, where helpful). Our ride ends near Van Cortland Park and the start/end of the #1 subway line (with possible cycling accompanying 1 leader back to Manhattan).


REMEMBER:   Rides during the current pandemic are limited to 6 riders + 2 leaders. Everyone else gets wait-listed. Important: you must remove yourself from the list asap (or email ride leader if you will not be riding. Failure to follow this instruction or dropping inexplicably at the last minute, or missing the start 'cuz you're late arriving precludes others from joining, and could get you restricted from signing up in the future. 

And you must wear a helmet when riding and should carry water, sunscreen, and a spare tube. In addition, please observe these rules:

   1. Wear a face mask at all times when you are out in public. (Maybe not while eating or drinking.)
   2. Even with a face mask, keep 6 ft. "social distancing" at the ride start, at rest stops, and at lunch stops.
   3. Wash or sanitize your hands when using the rest room, before eating, and before touching your face.
   4. Ride single file and at least 2 bike lengths behind the rider in front of you.
   5. If you need to pass another rider (or pedestrian), do so quickly; don't linger at close range.


Please review and adhere to 5BBC's special, temporary criteria, rules and requirements, so do review on our club website, also at

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Advanced Moderate
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