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Per Announcement on Website 5BBC Activity on Hiatus Due to COVID-19
Per Announcement on Website 5BBC Activity on Hiatus Due to COVID-19
Saturday, April 25, 2020 - 09:30
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There is no college in College Point, and hasn’t been since about 1850, when St. Paul’s College, founded in 1835 as a seminary by the Rev. Augustus Muhlenberg, shut its doors.  While there may be no college - there is an institute.  The Poppenhusen Institute was built in 1868 with funds donated by Conrad Poppenhusen, a German immigrant and the benefactor of College Point. The original charter specified that it be open to all, irrespective of race, creed or religion, giving people the opportunity to improve their lives either by preparing them for better job or improving their leisure time. The institute housed the Justice of the Peace, the first home of the College Point Savings Bank, German Singing Societies, The First Reformed Church, the first library in the area, a court room, the Sheriff’s Office (2 jail cells remain today), as well as the first free kindergarten in the United States which began here on July 1st, 1870.

From College Point - we head through Powell's Cove Park and into Malba - an exclusive area of Queens. The name of the subsection of Malba in northern Whitestone is derived from the first letters of the surnames of its five founders of the Malba Land Company: Maycock, Alling, Lewis, Bishop, and Avis. The first known resident of the area known as present-day Malba was David Roe, who arrived from England in the 1640s. In 1786, John Powell purchased Roe's 87-acre parcel for 1,685 pounds, 6 shillings, and 8 pence. It has been reported that Roe lost his lands for his allegiance to the crown during the American War of Independence. Powell thereafter built a home and the cove was renamed "Powell's Cove", the name it bears today.

Lunch will be at the New York Food Court in Flushing - which has dozens of stalls selling amazing Asian Food.



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