Ponds of Staten Island

Per Announcement on Website 5BBC Activity on Hiatus Due to COVID-19
Per Announcement on Website 5BBC Activity on Hiatus Due to COVID-19
Sunday, April 19, 2020 - 09:45
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When the glaciers receded from Staten Island, they left behind reminders in the form of small ponds.  This ride starts with a long climb up Grymes Hill along beautiful St. Paul's Avenue. When we catch our breath at the top, we are greeted by the biggest of the ponds, Silver Lake.  This was once the Staten Island Reservoir.  The ride has us bobbing and weaving through suburban neighborhoods as we visit, Grasmere Lake, Cameron Lake, Jack's Pond, Kingfisher Pond, Spring Pond, Arbutus Lake and Wolfe's Pond.  From Wolfe's Pond, we ride across to the North Shore of the Island for lunch at Club favorite, Killmeyers Old Bavaria Inn.  Following lunch, we ride back along the north shore and then duck inland catching Martling Lake and finally little Alison Pond, tucked behind Sailor's Snug Harbor.  There ride is very photogenic with not only ponds, but also great views from the top of Grymes Hill - Bring your cameras.

Ride Notes:  1. The longest climb is at the beginning of the ride and is a 7.4 at its steepest, and lasts for a while. Being Staten Island, be prepared for some climbing.  2.  There are limited bathroom opportunities along the route.   3.  While we try to find smaller roads, this is Staten Island and riding on Hylan, Clove and Victory is inevitable, you must be comfortable riding with cars.  4.  Lunch is after twenty miles and will be worth waiting for; but bring snacks.  5.  Depending on time and light, we may come back to the ferry via SIRR.

We will be meeting at 9:45 in order to catch the 10:00 Ferry.  Please leave time for the dogs to sniff you bike and bags.  PLEASE REGISTER ON LINE FOR THIS RIDE.

What to Bring:  Spare Tubes, Lights, Metrocard, $ for lunch, and a spirit of adventure.

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