Western New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania

with a stop at the Philly Bike Expo
with a stop at the Philly Bike Expo
Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 07:00

Let's put that hour we gained overnight to good use!

We'll meet at Penn Station (West side, in front of the NJ Transit ticket windows) at 7 in order to take the 7:14 (standard time) to Trenton. In order to get to the meeting spot enter Penn Station at the corner of 31st St and 8th Ave and take the escalator down.

From Trenton we'll ride through New Jersey to Camden and cross over the Ben Franklin Bridge into Philadelphia where we will visit the Philadelphia Bike Expo.  Then we ride back to Trenton.  Overall around 70 miles of riding with plenty of bailouts for those who don't want to do the whole thing.

Sunset is at 5:59, so bring lights if you really want to do the whole thing.  Even if you don't still bring lights.

We will roughly be following these two routes:

Bring the usual: $ for train tickets, $10 for expo admission, bungee cords for the train, lunch or $ for lunch, water, locks, spare tubes.

Please do your own two minute bike check BEFORE we board the train.  You don't want  to pay for train fare to Trenton only to find out later that you have a mechanical problem.


If you want to meet the ride somewhere other than New York Penn (e.g. Trenton) please message the ride leaders so we know to look out for you.


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