Locust Valley - A New Variation

Meets at the Country Press LIRR Station - Details Below
Meets at the Country Press LIRR Station - Details Below
Monday, February 17, 2020 - 10:30

Let's celebrate Presidents Day and jump start your spring training with a twist on an old favorite ride to Locust Valley.  The ride will meet in Garden City at the Country Life Press LIRR station at 10:30 to give a little extra warmth to the day (forecast as of now is good).  There is a train that arrives at Country Press (on the Hempstead Branch) just past 10:30 that morning. We will meet on the east side of the station, on St James St and then head up to the north shore and Locust Valley, Pryibil Beach, Sea Cliff, etc.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  The ride is around 45 miles and has hills in a few places ( Not killers but real hills to get you back in action).  It is an advanced moderate because we do want to be back way before sunset.  Lunch will likely be a quick stop in the usual pizza place.  Please bring the usual, including hydration, snacks (lunch is late!!!) a light lock, spare tubes, money for train, lunch, etc. and of course an upbeat positive inquisitive attitude.  Also please, please register for the ride on the 5BBC ride listing.

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Advanced Moderate
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