Spring into Cycling with the 5BBC

It has been a long hard winter.  But the days are getting longer, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and once again our thoughts turn to riding.  Here are a few brief announcements for the start of the season.

1.  ID Cards -  Whether you rode this winter or your bike just sulked in storage, it is time to clean it up.  Many bike stores are running tune up deals and at this time of the year.  BIke stores affiliated with the 5BBC will provide discounts - but you need to show your membership card.  Printing out your membership card is easy. Go to the website and click on "VIEW MY PROFILE."  When your profile comes up, click the big red button that says "View My ID Card."  Print out the card and take it to the bike shop with you.  If your bike shop does not participate, let us know and we will try to get them enrolled in the program.  

2.  Registering for Rides -  In the past, you just showed up at the start point and signed in.  And you still can.  BUT, we are encouraging all members to REGISTER for rides prior to showing up. Registration is easy.  Click on the ride you wish to attend, scroll to the bottom, click "Save my Registration."  Done.  Should you not be able to ride on that day, you can also click on cancel.  Pre-Registration makes it easy for leaders to know an estimate of the number of riders attending.  Also, some rides may be registration only if a leader has to limit numbers.  So...please use this great new feature of the website.

3.  April Showers -  Weather is an inexact science.  Our leaders do not want to cancel rides and sometimes hold out waiting for the latest forecasts.  Even if it is not raining, gusty winds can also lead to cancellations.  We do try to post out as early as possible if the ride is cancelled.  Most commonly it is the night before, but sometimes it is early in the AM.  If you are not sure, please check our web site and/or Facebook page to see the status of the ride.  

4.  New Members - We have been fortunate to have many new members signing up and riding with the club.  For those of you who are new to the 5BBC - WELCOME.  We hope to see you on many rides this year and in the future.  For those of us who have been riding with the club for a while, let's make our new riders feel welcome. Remember, we are the "Friendliest Bike Club."