Save The Dates: Board Nominations (Oct 19) and Elections (Nov 9)

The 5BBC Board is pleased to announce that it has set the dates for the meeting to nominate the slate of candidates for the 2016 Board.

This meeting will be held along with the next club social on Monday October 19th, 6pm-8pm

Also, the date has been set for the meeting to elect the 2016 Board, this meeting will also be held along with a club social on Monday November 9th, 6pm-8pm.

Per our bylaws, we have one meeting for nominations and another to hold a formal vote - we have a tradition of holding socials to coincide.

This year, as was the case last year, we will be holding the meetings at 5th and Mad (formerly called Galway Pub), 7 East 36th Street | New York, NY 10016 (212-725-2353 |

We hope to see you there!