We are extremely excited to launch the 2021 PERIMETER SERIES!!  It's been one of the club's premiier day events in past years.  Complete the perimeter rides in all five boroughs and you earn a Perimeter Patch!

We thank Ed DeFreitas, Alfredo Garcia and the late Danny Lieberman for their contributions in starting these rides many years ago when many bike lanes did not exist.  Perimeter Series 2021 is ready to roll with many new greenways and new bridges making the rides more scenic with beautiful waterfront views from every borough in the world's most beloved city.

The Perimeter Series is starting Labor Day Weekend with the Brooklyn Perimeter ride on Saturday, Sept. 4th, with the other boroughs to following after.  They will be repeated through the fall to give more riders a chance to sign up for a ride and earn a patch.  Round and Round we go!

Toby & Maureen & David Jendras, Perimeter Ride Coordinators