NYPD Bicycle Registration

At the conclusion of the 5BBC Earth Day in Harlem Ride - NYPD will be there to register our bikes.  Some of us have had that sinking feeling when we find that our bike is not where we left it.  Registering the bike with NYPD enhances the possibility that the bike may be found and returned to you.  It also settles any dispute about whose bike it really is.  In most cases, the bike's serial number is merely entered into the NYPD computer - no etching is done.  

Sgt. Insigne of the Crime Prevention Section says, "With the bike registration we only etch bikes that do not have a serial number on it or if the serial number is unreadable. Most bikes have an engraving underneath the crank case with the manufacturers serial number.  That is the number we use.  Most people do not even realize that it is there.  On some Specialized bikes the serial number can be on the neck, seat tube, top of the crank case or on the rear wheel mount."

Bike registration is free, not harmful to the bike, and may get your bike back.  That said, the best crime prevention is always a good lock, a visible location, and taking your bike inside with you.  Registration is in Morningside Park on April 25th at the Earth Day Celebration.  Because.....you never know.