New Members Only Ride Policy

Dear Five Borough Bicycle Club: The coming year has brought on a change with how we do our rides. Our rides are now limited to members only, although first time participants may also ride with the club. This change was brought on by the new insurance policy, but is really a matter of fairness to our membership.

We are a member supported club. By that, the majority of our income for the year comes from your dues. These dues allow us to pay for insurance, provide upkeep and maintenance of the web site, train our leaders, and pay for incidental expenses as they arise. In short – your dues keep our club functioning.

We feel that the $25 annual membership is one of the best entertainment values in town. For less than 50 cents per week, you can ride virtually every weekend day. You get great exercise. You visit areas of the city and beyond that you never knew about. You sample some of the great foods that this city is known for. And of course, you do it with the friendliest group of cyclists around.

Our new membership policy resulted in the need for a new Waiver and Sign In Form. This form will be used on all forthcoming rides done by the 5BBC. The waiver provides what you acknowledge before the ride – and limits the liability to the Club in the unlikely event that you are injured. Paragraph “C” encompases our new members only ride policy. Before you take your next ride with the club – why not look it over.

Waiver, Affirmation and Release of Liability:

I, a participant on a group ride of the Five Borough Bicycle Club “(5BBC”) or some other 5BBC related activity, affirmatively state, agree and attest as follows:

A) I am eighteen (18) years of age or older;

B) I am competent to bicycle on public roads in traffic, and recognize and acknowledge the inherent hazards and dangers of riding in public, and acknowledge that I may be riding on roads that may have specific hazards that may include but are not limited to, wet or slippery conditions, potholes or other uneven difficult surfaces, the presence of traffic, or the like. I accept those hazards and agree to engage in all activity in a safe and prudent manner and agree that if at any time I believe the conditions not to be safe that I will cease my participation.

C) I am a member of the 5BBC, or that this is my first time riding with the 5BBC. I acknowledge that 5BBC rides are for its members, and that my participation in such ride requires me to be a member unless this is my first time riding with the 5BBC;

D) I have checked the bicycle and equipment I will use, and it is in proper working order and meets the legal requirements for operation on the streets;

E) I will wear a CPSC or Snell approved helmet while riding;

F) I am aware of and acknowledge 5BBC’s recommendation that I consult with a physician regarding the advisability of my participation in 5BBC activities;

G) I am aware and acknowledge that I may be photographed during 5BBC activities, and agree to allow my photo, video or film likeness to be used by the 5BBC and its leaders for any legitimate purposes.

I, assume and accept the risks related to my participation in this activity and I further discharge and release the 5BBC, their respective ride leaders, their boards, and all sponsoring or related organizations, including governmental agencies, if, any, and all of the prior organizations respective agents, boards, employers and representatives from any and all liability arising out of or connected in any way with my participation in this activity and/or event, whether or not caused by the negligence of any of the above parties. I further acknowledge that first aid, medical or other services rendered to me by, or at the recommendation of any of the parties mentioned above is not an admission of liability.

What this means to you:

If you are already a dues paying member in good standing, the new policy will have little effect. Much of the legalese was already in the previous waiver that you already signed before each ride.  If you have yet to renew your membership for the coming year - please do so and continue to ride with us.

If you are a first time guest of the club – WELCOME ! We love to welcome new riders and hope that you enjoy your “test ride” and will join the 5BBC.

If you are an individual who is not a member, yet has ridden with the 5BBC before – you are not permitted on the ride. After one test ride – you must become a member.

We trust that you understand the reasoning behind these changes. Of course, if you have yet to pay your annual dues, please do so immediately so as to enable you to continue to ride with us. Change is never easy, but we feel that new policy is necessary for the club.

See you on the road

David MEL Meltzer

President, 5BBC