Dear 5BBC Members,


We have a new insurance policy through the League of American Cyclists.


The League's insurance program is designed to cover cycling clubs all over the country - and all clubs receive the same rates and the same type of policy. The policy premium is based upon the number of members that are in the club. The General Liability Policy is provided through Axis Insurance. The Excess Medical Policy is provided through Mutual of Omaha.

Who is Covered:

  • The insurance covers not only all 5BBC rides, but also covers any meetings and bike education courses held by the 5BBC.
  • The insurance covers the leaders and the 5BBC in the event that any rider gets injured and sues the club and/or its leaders.
  • Individual Leaders and the Five Borough Bicycle Club are always covered, no matter the membership status of the injured rider. The limits of this coverage are $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $3,000,000 aggregate per club.
  • Members also receive excess accident medical care, after their own health insurance. Under the terms of the policy. This limited health care is also available to first time riders.

Who is NOT Covered:

  • If you are riding the second ride with the club, and you are not a member - you are not covered under the excess medical portion of the Club's policy.

What this means to You:

If you are a member of the 5BBC, or a first time guest, you are covered in the event of an accident. The Mutual of Omaha policy provides excess medical care up to $10,000, with a $500 deductible. It also pays $5,000 for accidental death or dismemberment. The policy also covers dental expenses to natural sound teeth, outpatient physical therapy, and prescription drugs. The above medical coverage is part of the benefits that you receive as a member of the 5BBC.

If you are a leader, know that you will be defended [a lawyer will represent you for free] and you will be indemnified [any money verdict or settlement will come from the Club's insurance policy] up to $1,000,000 per occurrence. Just to put you at ease, the club has only been sued once over the past 30 years, and that case was thrown out of court.

In conjunction with the requirements of the new insurance coverage, the Club has instituted a revised policy that non-members are allowed one test ride with the Club, and thereafter must become members to continue to ride with the Club.

We hope that all riders will become members of the club, after the initial test ride. However, we do not expect ride leaders to conduct a roll call and reject non-members from a ride. For this reason, we will be implementing a new Waiver and Sign In sheets that MUST be utilized by all leaders and filled out by all riders.


I hope that this explains some of the questions that I know a lot of our leaders and members have with regard to the new policy. Leaders, please look for an upcoming announcement regarding a Leadership Meeting, at which time we will be happy to answer your questions. Also, any time you have a question of me or the board, feel free to ask it via as our communications team circulates the question of memership to the board in a timely fashion.


Dave MEL Meltzer

President, 5BBC