Please read to end for major updates including: All weekend trips for 2020 refundable at tripper request; memberships active in 2020 will be extended and will receive face masks. Details within.

For details on the club's reopening - please read this announcement.

Prior communications related to the pandemic and 5BBC being on hiatus:

The 5BBC has and continues to closely monitor developments regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  As you are aware States of Emergency have been declared by government at various levels.  Therefore, consistent with social solidarity and the latest recommendations for reducing viral spread, the 5BBC is INDEFINITELY suspending all Club sanctioned rides or in-person gatherings of any type until further notice.   

As the friendliest bike club, we urge all of our members to stay in contact with their friends and be supportive during this trying time.  We also urge all of you to be aware of the changing landscape related to COVID-19 and to understand the important preventative practices that may minimize your and your loved ones  exposure.  Please be safe and healthy, and we hope to be riding with you all very soon. Read a piece on riding safe in the age of Corona here. Also, we have virtual programming available for you here.

Decisions have been made to cancel the Montreal, DC and most recently the Boston Weekend trips. Please keep an eye on the web site individual weekend trip postings for such decisions - all fees will be refunded. Also, the board has discussed and decided that for any remaining weekend trips, none will go out while on hiatus, but we are generally waiting until closer to the time of the trip to see if the situation changes to allow them to go - or they have been moved further out in the season (eg. Memorial Day Weekend Trip has been shifted to labor day). In all cases, anyone uncomfortable joining a weekend trip during this time can request a full refund and receive it.

On April 17th, 2020 the Executive Board of the club held a special board meeting to vote on a formal action. This letter (follow the link to see a copy of it) was sent to members informing them of the decision taken to extend memberships for six months or the duration of hiatus, whichever is longer.

And On April 27th The Board took a unique action to OFFER ALL ACTIVE MEMBERS a FREE FACE MASK

Members should have received this e-mail on May 6th with details on how to order your free mask.
The option also exists to buy additional at $7 if you'd like (at cost plus shipping)
These will be made at the last known factory making knits in THE BRONX!
We are supporting local business and returning back to our members
Please remember to place your order in order to receive your mask.