David MEL Meltzer Resigns

Dear 5BBC:

For the past three years I have had the privilege of sitting on the Board, both as Vice President and this year as President. In those three years, much of what I set out to do has been accomplished. We have revitalized the weekend program, our infrastructure is vastly improved, and our membership has grown. I feel that we are a vibrant part of the New York cycling scene. I have tried to provide honest and effective leadership and to represent all of our diverse members. I hope that I have served you well.

But all things do come to an end. At this time, I will be resigning from the Board for personal reasons. Many of you know that this has not been an easy period for me, and the added stress of the Presidency was taking its toll. In short, I was no longer having fun and needed to step back.

I am not disappearing from the Club. You will continue to see me on rides, both as a leader and as a tripper. I will also continue to volunteer for the Club's programs such as Summer Streets. I remain committed to advancing the 5BBC and to maintaining its spirit. I wish President Shawn Carney and the Board well.

See ya on the road.