As New York cautiously and partly reopens, the Executive Board of the 5BBC has voted to also cautiously end the ride hiatus that has been in effect since March and allow the listing of some limited group rides, subject to new requirements and criteria that are set forth below.  We are excited to offer ride listings once again, but realize the importance of doing so in a limited and controlled manner.  

PLEASE, PLEASE review the criteria and understand that nothing is optional.

A key component of opening the ride listing is a requirement that in order to join a ride, a member must register for the ride in advance and in order to register the member must agree to a new Addendum to the Waiver that addresses COVID-19.  By registering and participating on any ride, you agree to be bound by the terms of all Waivers and you agree to follow and abide by all criteria. Additionally, please note that the number of participants on any ride is limited to 10, 2 leaders and 8 riders. July 6th Board Meeting Increased to state limit of 10.

As the Club moves to reopen the ride listings, please be aware that we are in a very fluid time period and we expect that the landscape will likely evolve.  Hopefully, it evolves so that things may open up further, but it may not.  The Club will adjust to the evolving landscape.  Also, understand that some ride leaders may not be comfortable leading rides at this time.  Additionally, in order to effectuate this reopening, a number of technical changes are in process and must be completed before ride listings can be submitted or posted.  We hope these modifications will be finalized soon.  Some of these modifications are complex, so we ask that you bear with us in the event that there are any technical difficulties requiring additional tweaking of any of the changes. 


Five Borough Bicycle Club Temporary Criteria, Rules and Requirements

The Executive Board of the 5BBC in response to the cycling situation necessitated by COVID-19 has instituted temporary criteria, rules and requirements (“Criteria”) for participation on 5BBC rides. These Criteria may be modified periodically based on the status of the pandemic. All members and leaders within the 5BBC should familiarize themselves with the Criteria and must follow the Criteria in order to participate on 5BBC rides: 

1. Only members may join and participate on 5BBC rides. In order to participate the rider must be over 18 years of age.  

2. In order to participate on a ride, you must pre-register for the ride on the ride listing. If you cannot make the ride, you must remove yourself from the registration list.  Please do not register and then not show-up as this will needlessly take up a spot another member could utilize.  Multiple instances of registering and not showing for a ride may result in a member losing the ability to register for rides. 

3. The total number of participants for a ride is limited to six riders, and two leaders for a total of eight riders.

4. Leaders can not utilize indoor lunch stops and should be careful about their choice of restroom locations whenever possible using restroom locations that facilitate social distancing. Lunch stops should be outside with sufficient capacity to social distance and riders should be encouraged to bring their own lunch, drinks and snacks.  

5. Social distancing must be maintained at all times on the ride and leaders may remove a rider for not following distancing rules or for not adhering to any of these Criteria or for not following the requirements set forth by the leader.  Pace lines are not permitted and riders should adequately distance from one another based upon the pace of the ride and weather conditions.   Riders should seek to maintain a distance of 20-25 feet between them selves and other riders when in motion. 

6.  Riders must bring facial mask coverings with them and such masks are required to be used in any area where the density does not allow for appropriate social distancing, including while riding.  

7. There will be no hard copy sign-in sheets or Waivers at the start of a ride.  In order to participate on a ride, a member must agree to the 5BBC Waiver, Affirmation and Release of Liability, including the Addendum to such document. Registration and participation on the ride is deemed and considered agreement to all such documents.  Leaders will affirmatively indicate this prior to the start of the ride.  

8. There will be no handouts of hard copies of cue sheets. Leaders are encouraged to electronically distribute to the registered riders cue sheets and/or gps files in advance of the ride.

9.  The exact start location of the ride will not be listed on the ride listing, though the leader should indicate a general location in the ride listing blurb. Leaders will forward start locations to those who register.

10. No joint rides with other Clubs will be permitted.

11. Rides requiring all ride participants to utilize mass transit (e.g. all meet at Grand Central for a train to the start of a ride) are not permitted at this time.

12.  If a rider does not feel well or has any symptoms they SHOULD NOT participate on a ride. Riders must be free of symptoms for at least the previous 14 days in order to participate on a ride.

13.  Riders should be aware that in event of a mechanical, leaders and other riders may be unable to lend assistance due to appropriate social distancing requirements.

14.  Ride participants should follow all guidelines for appropriate hygiene and bring hand sanitizer or the like.

15. Leaders may at their discretion further restrict participation in their rides by so indicating in the ride description blurb.  Leaders are NOT permitted to waive any of the above Criteria.  

As a reminder, we had a virtual training class on first aid on group rides - if you missed it, you can watch it here: First Aid when cycling in Groups by Jim Zisfein