The weather is warming up and our Spring Training Series has started.  This article discusses what you need to know about riding with the 5BBC.


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Posted by Allan but actually written By -- Ted Kushner, with thanks to Steve Sakson.

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This page is dedicated to the 5BBC's special relationship with Bike New York.

The 5BBC has been involved in supporting the TD Five Boro Bike Tour since inception. We know it well and love... more

Last week I was asked to write something about Phil O’Reilly and although I tried, nothing I wrote sounded right.

I sat down, with my tub of coffee, early this AM and tried again.  Again…... more


Hi there.  Thank you for electing me  President-- to help keep us all pedaling together in 2018. I care a great deal about the Club and will do my best to work for our collective benefit... more

The days are shorter.  The weather is colder.  Many of your friends have hung their bikes on the wall until March.  BUT, there are a surprising number of riders who do ride throughout the year.... more

All day today, I kept on finding pennies. I had picked up a habit from my very dear friend of two decades. He would find loose change on the floors and streets as he went through his day and would... more

When I first started cycling seriously, Queens scared me.  It was vast, sprawling, and its street system made no sense.  Clearly, the cartographers and city planners were smoking something when... more

If you want to go from here(Queens) to there(Bronx), you're going to have to walk. Hey Governor, now that the subways are broken, can you get the MTA to at least let cyclists going to and from... more

Hello, I’m Michele, and I grew up in Bronx.  I’m a fairly new commuter cyclist in New York.  I was introduced to commuter cycling in 2013 through my neighbor and friend who is a 5BBC.  At that... more