Green is the biker's delight.

Yes folks, wew got the light!

  1. On Red We Stop, A moment in time. Right at the top, our safety is prime.
  2. And as we wait, compressing... more

The Japanese concept of Kaizen means "Improvement as a gradual and methodical process."  While the term is generally applied to manufacturing processes, it is also valid when it comes to designing... more

Have you enjoyed one of our weekend trips to Montreal, Harlem Valley Rail Ride, or bike camping? We are looking for Leaders to propose weekend trips for 2023. Please send your proposal to us at... more

Welcome to 5BBC - The Friendliest Bike Club in New York.  Interest in joining the club?  5BBC annual membership is only $25 which entitles you to join our rides all year round .  A family... more

As we welcome 2022, I am honored to be chosen as your club president.  I am priviledged to be part of such a motivated and committed team.  Thank you to everyone on the 2021 board and Allan, you... more


The old expression is true..... Time flies when you are having fun and I can tell you that with many ups and a few downs, the past three years as President of the 5BBC have been mostly,... more

One of the things that the 5BBC always encourages is for leaders to actually scout a ride. Rides that often look wonderful on paper – do not always translate to wonderful on the road. An example... more

The following members have been elected as the 2022 Executive Board




• President - Toby Weiner

• Vice-President... more

You don't have to log thousands of miles to gain rewards from riding a bike. You don’t need an expensive bike, special clothes or a high degree of fitness to experience the benefits of riding a... more

You have a bike. You have ridden around the neighborhood. Maybe you commute. Now, you have decided to join the 5BBC.And you wonder, what makes a good club rider? This article will attempt to... more