New 5BBC Apparel

A selection of jerseys hats and shorts now available!

How can we enable members to show their pride in 5BBC? Bring Back Products! We are getting back into retail. And giving you a broader selection of jersey designs than ever before. As a Thank You to our members, we have heard your requests to sell jerseys and caps once again.

If you liked our 2018 updated historical design, it is available again. For those of you waiting on your past orders, we will handle the cost of shipping and finally get them for you! Thank Caryn Greenberg when you see her for that wonderful design of hers! If you liked many of our older jerseys and are feeling nostalgic, you may like one of our new designs called “Patchwork”. This is the first year where we can’t all gather for a holiday party in person and have Ed and Liz put up all their old jerseys on the wall. So we had Paula Vlodkowsky photograph them all (Thank you Paula!) and our supplier has some amazing graphic designers who put them together into an attractive quilt-like-design jersey. Take a walk down memory lane - order Patchwork!

Have you ever heard Bill Mastro’s intro to a ride? He has this line where he introduces Point-Drop-Sweep and says “the most important thing I am going to tell you today” (is never to leave a drop position until the sweep releases you. No one else, just the sweep). Well, before you even attempt to place an order - the most important thing I will tell you in this article is to PLEASE read this article COMPLETELY to understand WHY we are setting things up the way we are and HOW to have a complete , economical and successful ordering experience. AND GET THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOUR JERSEY!


Why this way?

One of the challenges we have in the 5BBC is that while there is NO shortage of great ideas on how we could make the club BETTER, there IS a real shortage of VOLUNTEERS to help get things done. The good news is that we have a fully staffed board with two people in each position to manage the club and from 2018 until 2020, we have added more leaders, more rides, more members and everyone seems to be getting happier with the club and with our key metrics. Notwithstanding Covid of course and the pandemic which has dampened everything; but thanks to great leaders we have more rides listed than ever before. (Thanks Bill for that factoid, and letting me use your line above). When it comes to products, there is a trade off we need to make in order to bring them to you. 


It would take quite a bit of time from a volunteer or two willing to put in the consequential amount of work to manage the portfolio of club products. In the absence of that, we need to find a supplier who handles shipping to individuals and there are too few that have that ability along with a good enough web site and club store, and great designers to help us get the designs done - all with a reasonable cost for shipping. We have done that, but a high shipping fee is the price we pay for lacking volunteers to manage shop and ship which is complicated. It will cost a minimum of $21 per order. But we have a strategy for how you can bring that cost down - being the friendliest bike club. Read on.


If all you want is a $20 hat, doubling the cost to have it shipped is not appealing. While we have not added a bigger margin to the MSRP of the Jerseys - which some clubs do to raise funds, the cost of shipping can make the cost of the jersey high for some. To that end, we recommend that groups of friends who ride together - buy together. Pool your orders as the model for shipment is a base amount for packing and shipping of $21 and then $0.25 per piece


How to order?

1. You need an account with our supplier.

In order for our supplier to be able to bill you and ship to you, you must have a unique account on their system. Either create a new account or login to your existing account with them if you have one. To set up an account click on the icon of a person to the left of the cart in the top right corner of the screen and you will see the login window with "create account" option within it. Make sure you are logged into your account on the supplier’s web site BEFORE you start adding items to your cart! To enter the 5BBC team store managed by our supplier - click on this link. Once logged into your account on the supplier’s web site, please only then, enter the password 5BBCNYC where it says ENTER TEAM STORE PASSWORD on the left on their web site screen. 

The password is case sensitive and there are no spaces.


2. Navigating the supplier web site and adding what you want to the cart.

The picture attached to this article is intended to help you navigate once you get into the supplier web site. While at first the web site may not seem very user-friendly, and for this we apologize and hope they will make it better some day, once you get the hang of it, it does work and they are the only possible supplier who could give us what we needed to make this fly, so please bear with us - and them! The top portion of the web page is actually a pretty nifty 3D Viewer and it shows you each of the new products. You can't order from it, that's lower down on the page. If you click on the product you'd like to look at in 3D in the 3D Image Viewer Selector, it will appear in the viewer and you can use your mouse to twirl it around front to back and zoom in and out. Cool, right? To actually add the products you want to buy into the shopping cart, scroll down and use the Product Viewer Selector Filter to narrow your search and see less of what's in the shop at one time. Then you can pick from the items your search discovered. In the filter, the down arrows can be used to reveal the choices that let you narrow your search accordingly. The main ones to pay attention to are of course the design itself that you like; Gender and Cut.  Once you have the hang of it - shop as desired and when you’re ready to check out click on the cart icon in the upper right. 


3. Finding the right model, cut and size for yourself.

Of all the most important points made in this article so far, this is the most important of the most important points to pay attention to before ordering. Get your size right. Read the sizing charts carefully This particular supplier has excellent documentation of their products so you can select the right size. It's the best we have ever seen - but you have to really pay attention to it. Each Jersey DESIGN comes in 5 different MODEL-CUT combinations from which you can choose the typical sizes. You can read about them in detail on the web site but to net it out for you:


There are two MODELS of Jersey: Elite and Core. The Elite jersey is described on the Verge web site here (toggle between men and women at the top) and is a time-tested classic you can use for training, off-road or charity events. It’s built using durable Trafo™ fabric on a traditional pattern including side panels, and three rear pockets. Despite being a budget jersey ($65), it’s more than capable of providing you with countless hours of enjoyable rides. If you like a looser fit, there are 3 cut options in this model: Fitted, Relaxed and Comfort. The Core jersey is descsribed on the Verge web site here (toggle between men and women at the top) and is a modern update to the classic form; it’s everything you love about a traditional jersey with the addition of up-to-date technologies. Built around next-generation Focus Lite™ fabric means you will be comfortable in this jersey regardless if you take it out for a spin on the road or carve up the single track. It's basically $10 more for a more modern look. There are only 2 cut options in this model: Fitted and Relaxed. So even though Elite sounds like it should be above Core - it's not. It's the basic jersey but has looser fitting options. Core is the more up to date modern and sleek design for which you pay more. 


Basic descriptions of the cuts are provided here

  • Fitted: Snug fitting and designed to contour your body.
  • Relaxed: Comfortable fit with a little extra room throughout.
  • Comfort: Cut large and designed to be loose-fitting. (Only available in the Elite!)

All of this is taken from the web site. Read the sizing charts carefully. Why so complicated? Because we have many preferences on how clothes fit within our membership and want to satisfy as many as possible rather than assuming one style or cut may please all which experience shows it does not. And this provider has the flexibility so we thought, let's take advantage of it. If you are an L in one supplier, it is not a safe assumption to just pick L in this one. Read the sizing charts carefully and make an educated choice. There are no refunds or exchanges. Period. Another way to confirm sizing is to make sure you check the “Sizing Tables” link at the bottom of the individual product pages for the items you are purchasing before selecting your size.  Cycling clothing sizing varies widely across brands and returns or exchanges are not possible with custom clothing orders.


What to order?

Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that a club typically has only one design per year? If you don’t like it - you don’t buy it. Last year, we had a member who helped us with a branding exercise. In the end, after many creative brand re-designs were offered, the club's board decided to stay with an updated version of our familiar logo and branding. You will see it featured prominently on each design. However, we had so many creative treatments of our 5BBC moniker, we thought why not turn them into Jersey designs and voila, you now have a choice to make from 7 current designs. We also have shorts and bibs as well as two cap designs. Happy Shopping!


Our 2018 5BBC Design is available again: 


Our 2020 5BBC Designs are: 

  1. Patchwork
  2. Red White Chain
  3. Navy
  4. Gray
  5. Fade
  6. Red White




And for leaders leading 5 rides between October 1st, 2020 and December 31st, 2020, we have designed a special thank you jersey visible at this link


If after all this - you get stuck? E-mail for help :) 


BLACK FRIDAY PROMOTION RUN BY SUPPLIER: Order > $200 save shipping fees so get your friends together and order quickly... use code GIVETHANKS