Membership Message Coming Off Hiatus

We appreciate your patience and are working hard to get rides going

To all of our longstanding members we want to take a moment to thank you for your patience and support during the pandemic.

To our many new members who are taking up cycling anew or after a long break, we are happy to have you and welcome you to the club.

If any member ever has have any questions,  we love hearing from you! Please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

It has not been easy for anyone and on top of it all, just as we come out of the worst health crisis in our life times, we are forced once again to stare racism and bigotry in the face in a way that is painful when compounded with the social distancing requirements that prevent traditional protests in a healthy manner. Our mission in membership at 5BBC is have all feel welcome regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation etc this is your home and Mark and I will strive to ensure that this holds true to our club and we know the board is with us on this 100%!

Our club is a strong community of good friends. We take pride in being New York's friendliest bike club - a place where people can develop their cycling abilities at whatever pace suits them from easy peasy in a happy face ride all the way up to Quick Spins. We also look to give back to the cycling community in any way we can. So we look forward to riding again and having a fun positive social experience in which to get over the isolation we felt during the near lockdown. 

At this time we are starting up our rides program in a limited way and our web site had to be updated to support some of the new (hopefuly temporary and soon to be expanded) guidelines and limitations. We are an all volunteer club and have limited capacity to update our web site - as a result, things may be a bit more cumbersome and challenging. Please continue to be patient and reach out for help if something is unclear or not working the way you expect. Our top priority is your health and safety and so we are implementing guidelines based on our scanning of what others are doing out there and what the governor and his public health team are advising. Once we have some experiece under our belt and hear your feedback; presuming the lifting of the Pause continues along the phases, we will likely phase in larger rides etc. In the mean time, we will do our best to meet the demand our members have to ride on fun, safe, enjoyable rides.

Please keep your eye on the web site for updates. If you haven't ordered your FREE mask yet, please do so here. And also, if you'd like to get our Neck Gaiter product off the ground, order some from our store here

Hope to see you on a ride soon

Maureen and Mark