Group cycling in a coronavirus epidemic

Hint: Stay home if you're sick!


Covid-19 is a worldwide pandemic respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus. Typical symptoms include fever and cough.

Covid-19 is highly prevalent in the New York City area and we all should be practicing contagion avoidance measures. Wash your hands regularly (especially before eating) with soap and water or sanitizer. Avoid touching your face unless your hands have just been washed. When you are around other people, stay 6 feet away, and cover your nose and mouth. You can fashion a mask out of a scarf or bandana and save surgical masks for health care workers. If you have a fever or cough, don't go out at all unless it is to seek medical attention.

What about group bicycling? Unless you suffer a direct hit from a snot rocket, you are not at high risk of infection while cycling; you’re just too far away from others. The risk is higher, however, at the ride start, rest stops, and at lunch venues where you should practice the infection control measures listed above.

In an abundance of caution, your club has canceled all group bicycling activities until at least May 5th. The club leadership is closely monitoring disease prevalence and will re-open the schedule when it is safe to do so. Weekend club trips to DC, Montreal, Bear Mountain, Boston, and Penn Dutch country have not been canceled as of this writing but may be canceled or postponed. Registered weekend trip riders will be notified immediately upon any ride status change.


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