Why I LOVE the 5BBC !

Reason #1: It’s New York’s Friendliest Bike Club

As we start 2021, I thought I would just make a small tweak to my messages from 2019 and 2020 - the sentiment of which only grew stronger as we dealt with the pandemic last year into this.

Our objectives for the club remain unchanged.

Priority 1 - bring you more rides, rides, rides, We have a growing number of leaders posting rides over the past two years and the results are showing and continuing to grow. Last fall, our readers really stepped up and those who led 5 rides in the fall have a JErsey to prove it (25 did!). This year, leaders who lead 21 in '21, will have another cool one to wear - deservedly so! If you'd like to become a leader, we will be running our traditional class in the spring - reach out to leadership@5bbc.org.

Priority 2 - Membership. Do more for our members and grow our membership. If you'd like to get involved in helping us promote the club, please reach out to membership@5bbc.org or communications@5bbc.org - and we encourage all our members to get involved with multiple clubs so that all your cycling and social needs can be met. And invite any friends you make in the other clubs that might enjoy your style of riding, to join 5BBC.

And finally, Priority 3 - management team. The club almost runs itself, thanks to a bevy of leaders listing and leading rides. But for the extras - socials, web site, weekly, facebook, representation at events like Mass Bike Rides, Expos, Summer Streets, Jumbles etc - it takes a village of volunteers and committed board/council members. And we need more of you to make sure we have depth at each position for years to come. Please reach out to me if you are interested in helping in any way. 

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

There are many things I love about the 5BBC and it would be impossible to capture them all in one article. I have hesitated to post the traditional state of the club article because I wanted to try and capture the essence of the feelings many of us have for this club. And frankly, I’ve also been busy helping manage the club ;)

Instead, I have decided to do that in a series of articles I call “Why I love the 5BBC!” and encourage any of you who resonate with my feelings to post your own article as well on any topic you want to share with others in the club. It will be welcome!

The state of the club is – in a nutshell – fine. It can, and will, only get better. That is the board's commitment to you.

For those of us who continue to be happy riding the rides we have been riding, we are mostly satisfied. Overall, YOUR feedback (member survey) is positive. We deliver good value for the $25 membership fee and are working hard to deliver even more value and take us to a higher level. There are areas where you tell us we need to improve and you will see them addressed when I talk about our priorities below.

I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to serve as President of this great club.

5BBC means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to you too.

Some feel “it’s just a bike club”.  

For many of us, though, it’s a whole lot more. 

It is also a warm, fun, creative and friendly community of social cyclists with some of the most interesting and stimulating rides, leaders and members. 

New York’s Friendliest – remember that!

You can be a member of this club, this-or-that other club, this-or-that advocacy group or this mass-ride non-profit or business. Whatever the case or the cause - we encourage friendly interworking within the NYC cycling community – the “bike family” as I recently heard it called. This can be one of several cycling homes you have – it’s all good. I am proudly a member of 3 local clubs and at times, in several other clubs in cities I visit and enjoy the benefits of riding there.

Some of us go to church on Sundays or synagogue on Saturdays, or wherever we find our personal/spiritual community. Many of us, ride with this club on one or both weekend days because it is also a temple, of sorts. It’s where we chose to commune and share the joy of riding our bikes with each other. We enjoy spending time with our friends and making new friendships along the way. This is my #1 Reason for loving the 5BBC.

I have made hundreds of friends (per facebook – isn’t that the purveyor of ultimate truth? ;) since joining this club and never have a problem finding friends to ride with, or socialize with, in and out of the club. I feel very grateful for that and it’s why I am inspired to give to the club as much as I do. I encourage you to consider volunteering for the club with your friends as a great way to spend time together and give back to others. You may find it very rewarding - in many more ways than you might conceive before trying it.

This club is YOUR club.

The 5BBC belongs to each member equally.

Each and every member is important to me and to each board member.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with your feedback and suggestions on ways to make the club better to any of us. And if you want to help make it happen – please volunteer. Any idea that is easy to implement – this board has essentially embraced when consistent with our core values well-documented on our web site. But many ideas need people to help make them happen and we are open to more of you joining us to help make things happen in the club.

Please always feel comfortable approaching me as your friend with any topic you wish to discuss. The only stupid question – is the one I am not asked! Seriously.

Hope to see you on a ride soon,


PS - this picture is how I spent part of one of my birthdays in the club - on our Staten Island Perimeter ride surrounded at a great lunch with friends. Thank you 5BBC and thank you each person who made that day very special for me by coming on this ride!