Perimeter Pandemonia!

The FIVE Boroughs

Round and round and round we may go, and where we stop.. well, ultimately back where we started, but that is the essence of a true perimeter ride – after all, we are The FIVE Borough Bicycle Club, and what better way is there to explore the quintuplets? Although each plat may be unique in terms of shape, size, architecture, population, culture, history, waterfront access, and even number of bike shops – what they all have are outlines, borders (without walls!) that almost beg us to trace by bicycle, even if only to mathematically determine that what we learned about the value of “Pi” (3.14159 etc) in high school can be used for irregularly shaped circles.

There's also something about a Perimeter Ride Series, especially one that has graced our Club for well over two decades, that whets the appetite. With major contributions by Ed DeFreitas, Alfredo Garcia, and Danny Lieberman, our late (and sorely missed) comrade-in-arms, the 5BBC began these circumnavigations in a bygone era where many bike lanes did not exist, and where even the idea of pedalling totally around the rim of a borough was novel and compelling. How many actual total miles are there? How many bridges? How many neighborhoods? How many neighbors?

I have to admit it, but the thought of resurrecting these extremely popular bike rides had been nagging me. It's one of the Club's premier multiple day “events” if you will, and we are extremely excited to place these rides back on the cycling calendar. Beginning this Sunday, April 14, Mr. DeFreitas and Mr. (President) Friedman officially launch and re-launch based on the oft-traditional opener: Manhattan Perimeter (pssst: spell check, you guys), 9:30 am at City Hall, followed by Alfredo's 22nd Staten Islander on Saturday, April 21. The other Boroughs will not be omitted! What a great way to spend a Spring Day. Tune up your bikes, grease the helmets, start your pedals!