Weekend Trip Idea.. Looking to see if there is interest.

The Velodrome is where man and machine become one, for the single purpose of going faster than the next guy. It's the bicycle equivilent of a speedway, with its banked corners, smooth surface, and grandstands fro cheering crowds. Its normally reserved for the best cyclists, who bring their years of experience, nerves of steel, bikes and bodies tuned to perfection. In Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, is the East Coast's premier Velodrome, The Valley Preferred Cycling Center. 

Have you ever dreamed of testing your mettle on the track? Just doing some laps to see what it feels like to be in a place where legends have raced? ever wanted see what the banked corners feel like? we have an opportunity to attend a day class, where professionals will train us how to ride the track, in a private class where they will supply everything except your helmet. Any level of experience is welcome, even if you have never been on a race bike before. 

This will be a weekend trip where we will head out on Friday, in vans out to our hotel, and on Sat, head out from the hotel on our bikes over to the Velodrome for our lesson, and then, in the afternoon after the class, there is the option to go to Dorney Park, an amusement park with some great roller coasters. on Sunday, we will head out to the Deleware and Lehigh Canal trail, where we will have a great easy ride along the scenic Lehigh river, out past Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, home of Crayola Crayons. then we will head back to NYC, where we will drop off and (sadly) head back to real life. 

I can't promise that there will be crowds in the stands cheering us on, but I can promise you will get an experience you won't forget!

If this sounds like a trip you would be interested in, please Email me at sgtdemeo@gmail.com, and let me know. as of now, it will be approx 250-300 per person, not including your food. Tentatively, this trip will be for mid June. This is a feeler to see if there is enough interest in this trip, so if you are, please let me know!

Chris DeMeo