NY to Boston – Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Part of my daily routine is to check out the 5BBC website for upcoming events. Back in January, I went through my morning rituals and was surprised to see a new ride posting “NYC to Boston” during Memorial Day weekend.  I never biked long distances day after day, and always wondered what my distance limit is.  This ride seemed like the perfect chance to challenge myself and it also gave me something to look forward to throughout the cold, wet spring.

Day 1 - May 26th came sooner than expected, and before I knew it, I was standing on the corner of W31st and 8th Ave. waiting for the group to assemble.  As a newer member I didn't know 12 of the 14 fellow cyclists. This seemed to matter less after each passing minute as Debbie shared stories of past trips, while Chris, a Boston native, promised us a guided tour.

After the Ronkonkoma starting point, our next stop was the Briermere farms.  There is no greater bonding experience than sharing a warm strawberry rhubarb pie.  Ken and I split the last piece while the point left with the group to Greenport. In order to make up for lost time, Ken turned on the solid rocket boosters and instantly turned me from a level C rider to level A rider.  While we were breaking the sound barrier, I kept hearing Mel's wise words during the pre-ride meeting "people enjoy the event, it's about the journey, not the destination.".  Sorry Mel, we'll remember next time.

Day 2 - With another day of blue skies and comfortably cool weather, we set out to conquer the rolling hills of southern Connecticut.  After just passing Mystic, I heard a “snap”, and realized I'd popped a spoke. My wheel no longer cleared the frame, and it looked like my day was done.  Nat called in our SAG, and Elyssa responded like an engine company to a 5 alarm fire.  After a short trip to the bike shop, I was back in action and following Holly as point.  

Day 3 - The weather gods turned against us sending temperatures to the low 50s with steady rain.  While the first half hour took some getting used to, we accepted our fate. The soft pattering of rain drops created a serene atmosphere.  We rode slower on the smooth country road, somehow I didn't mind the rain much at all, it created a Zen-like experience all the way to Brockton, Rhode Island.

Day 4 - A short day in the saddle, we arrived in Bean Town by late morning.  Like most 5BBC rides, this one was for foodies.  Our group headed to Legal Seafood on the waterfront for some local fare.  I was hoping to come home a belt notch smaller, but that didn’t quite work out.  However, I did come home with many great memories and more importantly some new friends.

Steve Markovinovic