A Few Favorite Bicycling Charities

These Organizations Deserve Your End-of-Year Generosity

5BBC put out a call to our members to nominate charities that serve a local or national constituency and focus on bicycling or bicycling-related issues. Here's who our members recommended.


Achilles International

501(c)(3) charity

Through a local New York chapter, they help New Yorkers with disabilities gain independence and personal achievements through running and cycling.


Bike New York

501(c)(3) charity

Teaches many people to ride a bike. Feeds the club people, offers our members volunteer opportunities.



501(c)(3) charity

Bike to the Beach promotes cycling for fun and fitness while seeking to raise money and awareness for autism through charity rides from urban areas to nearby beaches. A 5bbc sponsor they are planning to sponsor again in 2017 and make a donation too.... this would be a nice gesture as they plan to encourage more than 300 and growing ridership to join 5bbc and partake in our spring training series to prep for their ride Manhattan to west Hampton in June.


Bronx River Alliance

501(c)(3) charity

The Bronx River Alliance supports a clean river (environment) and cycling. What more can you ask for? They had great events geared towards cyclists last year. Plus the Bronx needs it.


Brooklyn Greenway Initiative (BGI)

501(c)(3) charity

This organization has designed a 14-mile landscaped cycling greenway along the Brooklyn Waterfront from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge to encourage cycling by connecting neighborhoods and parks. They always need funding to complete this vision.


East Coast Greenway Alliance

501(c)(3) charity

The East Coast Greenway Alliance is promoting the establishment, stewardship, and public enjoyment of a traffic-free multi-user trail linking cities and towns from Maine to Florida.


I Challenge Myself

501(c)(3) charity

I Challenge Myself helps public high school students in Manhattan and the Bronx strengthen their bodies, minds and spirits through non-competitive cycling programs, including a "Cycling Smarts" PE class on the streets of the five boroughs, a youth-only century ride, and an annual College Bike Tour of seven state colleges.


New York Bicycling Coalition

501(c)(3) charity

New York Bicycling Coalition advocates for pro-bicycle policies and funding at all levels of government; educates New Yorkers about bicycle safety and the benefits of bicycling; provides technical assistance and support to advocates and government entities; and promotes bicycle tourism across the state.


Recycle a Bicycle

501(c)(3) charity

Recycle a Bicycle gives youth job skills in addition to keeping bikes out of landfills and making them ridable. It is very difficult for young people to learn marketable skills. Even those who have gone through the program but continued to work as bike mechanics, still develop useful skills. Involvement with an organization and program like RAB can motivate a young person to stay in school or to continue on to higher education.

They provide free bikes to children. (Need I say more?) Also, free job training, environmental education, High School Internships, Summer Youth Employment Program, and Kids Ride Club. On average, RAB salvages 1,800 bicycles each year from the waste stream. There is almost nothing about this organization that is not perfect and worth our help.


Riders Alliance

Donations are tax deductible through partnership with Fund for City of New York

Riders Alliance is trying to improve public transportation. Public transportation includes bike racks on buses and better bike accessibility for all. I think it's a worthy cause.


Streetsblog NYC

a project of OpenPlans, a 501(c)(3) organization

a project of OpenPlans, a 501©(3) organization Streetsblog is a daily news source connecting people to information about sustainable transportation and livable communities. Streetsblog NYC provides vital coverage of the issues and current news items of concern to cyclists and is an important voice for safety.


Transportation Alternatives

501(c)(3) charity

Why? Dude. Are you serious?

This organization is doing more for cycling in NYC than any other.

Advocates for bikers and pedestrians.

They help keep the streets safe for cyclist.

Look around New York. Transportation Alternatives has worked relentlessly to get bicycle lanes throughout the city. Protected lanes on Columbus, Amsterdam, and downtown did not happen on their own. Long hard activist endeavor brought them about. We need more. Supporting TA will make for a safer cycling environment.

Transalt has been the driving force behind activism on behalf of bicycle riders and pedestrians in NYC. Members of the community are able to join and participate on a grass roots level. Their work is giving a voice to New Yorkers concerned about safe streets. The support for Families for Safe Streets has made those affected by street violence visible to politicians and policy makers in both NYC and at the state level.

TA has the political clout to effect significant change on our streets, and an end-of-year contribution will be doubled if there is a matching donation in effect.

Many 5BBC donate time to this organization. The Bronx Committee is running a toy drive this holiday season for a local homeless shelter on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx.