8 New Leaders Pass Course

2016 Leadership Class Ends with 8 Graduates

Membership Coordinator Dave Meltzer drafted the following message to membership:

The Five Borough Bicycle Club is pleased to announce that the following club members have successfully completed the Leadership Course and are now leaders in the Club: Brad Taylor, Patricia Chew, Vanessa Galloway, Paul Himmelheber, Sarit Levy, Susan Brenner, Louis Mazzone and Peter Morales.  Thank you for the work and dedication that you put into the process.  We look forward to many great rides.  And a special thank you to Leadership Coordinator, Ed Sobin, and leaders Allan Friedman and Ed Ravin who also were instructors on the weekend.  And thanks to all other leaders who participated in the training sessions.


The following message was sent earlier this week by Club President Shawn Carney: 

Congratulations to our 2016 Leadership class! I'm proud to announce that we now have 8 new leaders.

We're all super excited to join the fun rides they'll be creating and leading! Thanks to Ed Sobin for his work as Leadership Coordinator again this year, as well as to Allan and Ed Ravin for helping out on the weekend.