Another Succesful Summer Streets Under 5BBC Belt

Thanks to those of you who volunteered and made it happen!

We have a reputation for friendly, fun, effective mechanical support! And we had more than 40 people sign up for our weekly as a result. 

Summer Streets is an annual tradition that let's pedestrians and cyclists share access to Park Avenue closed to automobile traffic for the first 3 Saturdays in August. 5BBC had a booth to raise awareness about the club and have some of our best mechanics offer their talents to support attendees needs that arise with their bikes or otherwise provide mechanical prowess. Great opportunity for some of our members new to bike mechanics to "understudy" and learn this or that aspect of bike mechanical knowledge. Fixing flats tended to predominate. Special shout out to the core team that manages this and are the stars of the show - they prefer to remain namless so I will encourage those of your who understudied this year to consider posting articles of your own about the experience and share it with the rest of the membership - how great it is to work with people who take pride and joy in helping others by sharing their mechanical prowess. It was fun to watch them work and please every single person who came by - left satisfied. Looking forward to next year too!