Thoughts from the President

Safety, Volunteerism, and Weekend Trips

Here at the 5BBC, each new year brings us new possibilities and new challenges. Per our By Laws, the purpose of our club is to promote the general interests of bicycling via trips and cycling activities in order to gain a greater understanding of the world and it's people. We do that by providing group experiences that develop teamwork and cooperation, develop good leadership skills through leadership training programs, provide, promote and encourage safe and enjoyable recreational bicycling activities, and provide educational opportunities for cyclists to increase skills and competency and become more self-reliant.

Based on these core values, we've decided on three pillars to focus on for 2016:

~The first pillar we are focusing on is SAFETY.

Safe riding is enjoyable riding. Safe riding is responsible riding. Safe riding is respecting ourselves, other cyclists, pedestrians, drivers, and the environment around us. This year we'll be teaching what safe riding looks like and holding ourselves accountable to behaving as responsible and safe cyclists.

Follow these links to educate yourself with NYC DOT's Bike Smart brochureBiking Rules TA's guide to cycing in NYCtips on avoiding getting hit by a car, NYC DOT's summary list of cycling laws, rules and regulations, NC's group bicycling best practices and the League of American Bicyclist's Ride Smart videos.

Keep an eye out for our announcements of the upcoming Members Forum, Leaders Forum and our Spring Safety Series, all of which will have a safety oriented focus!

~The second pillar we are focusing on is VOLUNTEERISM.

We're a volunteer based organization and we need volunteers year round. Your help is why we can list rides for members (take our Leadership class and become a Leader!), participate in community events like the Bike Expo, Summer Streets, the High Bridge Festival, and Earth Day. We need your help with our socials, our programs (such as bike maintenance classes) and our annual Holiday Party. If any of these sound like something you want to get involved with, please email and let us know!

But's it's not just about our club. We believe in strong ties to the community, grass roots advocacy to create safe cycling spaces, and supporting our neighbors and friends.

5BBC members regularly get engaged in community outreach projects like supporting our collaboration with BNY's Bike Path Cruise Rides that give novice adult cyclists opportunities to improve their cycling skills, helping with the BNY Five Boro Bike Tour, helping with Transportation Alternative's Borough Tours, and being advocates in your borough with TA's neighborhood advocacy program.

~The third pillar we are focusing on is providing awesome WEEKEND TRIPS.

So far this year, we have listed the Floyd Bennet Field Camping Weekend, the Montreal and the Tour De L'lle Weekend, and the Bear Mountain and Harriman State Park Weekend. Whether you're a die-hard weekend tripper or a new cyclist just getting into overnight trips for the first time, we've got something for you! 

We think 2016 is going to be a great year for the 5BBC and we're excited to have you here with us!