Summer Streets

Our Volunteers

Summer Streets-Let's say thank- you to all the hard workers  of Steve Bauman, Ed Ravin and Harlan, and additional group of Ed Pino, Tom, Alfredo,  Dave, and our ever present Bike 21 (Phil), Phil O'Reilly ,and the ever presnt who I did not see-   and our trusty sign in sheet group, of various  others , who over the last three weeks once again used the miracle hands on bikes that came out of mothballs.  On another note-  I must admit that  over the last nine years I may have missed a few, but we really need volunteers going forward, not only as wrenchers, or helpers but table sitters as well.  I thank Ed Ravin who tirelessly and yearly always ask for us as a club to come forward to make repairs for bikes that have ben in mothballs for years.  So please all old and new members, and future members a few hours each over a three week period to help the entire community should be thought about over the next 49 weeks.  PS- to any of the older crowd you just may run into some old members of the club, who stop by, ask them to re-enlist


Liz Baum