A Letter to the Club from Liz Baum

To all our members,

Some meandering thoughts from the past President, Leadership Coordinator, VIce President, Golden Spoke winner. etc.

Over the past few years the club has gone through vast changes and undertakings. Some members are pleased and others are not so pleased. Most members, however, do not even notice. As a past Board Member of the Club as well as a Board Member in other venues, I always notice that we all lay low, when decisions are made which we like. Obviously, there are also Board decisions that some find dislikable. Human nature has the hairs raised on the back of the neck at times, as we tend to fight change.  

What I see most is that the Board does what is in our best interest as a whole; it’s not singular minded and done with an abundance of thought. It’s done painstakingly, on our behalf. The changes that have taken place are to keep our club financially solvent, so that we can maintain the various needs of the club. The Board has been prudent in all these aspects.  Over the last few years we were able to have a viable, good looking, new website; this was done by the gift of a raffle, and at no cost to our members. Our Facebook page is thriving. Members of the club have been able to hold supplies so that we no longer need a storage unit, or an office. We have revamped our insurance and our banking. We no longer print out newsletters – a decision that is both financially prudent and eco friendly. After years of no programs, we will have had three events within a six month period. We have revitalized our Weekend Trips Program.

We have seen debates of happy, moderate and quick spin, how fast, how slow, and where we go. Some of our constituents find that the breakdown to be cumbersome, some are happy.  The Board tries, and this is what is important. We as a club are evolving, some of my friends have died, others moved, others have given up riding due to health, whatever is going on, lets support our Board, and our Club. Let’s go to the next social, next ride and have fun.

Liz Baum