A Word From Our Sponsor

Most of you know my story. Kat Baur invited me to the Dyker Heights Lights ride. I always thought of my self as a lone wolf. To my surprise, I had a great time. I went to a cool place, I got some exercise. And, best of all, I made some friends. I joined that night. The next year, I took the Leadership Course with Ed Pino and Liz Baum, and pointed my first ride – Brooklyn Beer Geeks. During the past two years I have been Vice President of the 5BBC, and have continued to host rides all over the City and in all four seasons. It has been, both literally and figuratively, one hell of a ride.

Four years later, with your support, I will become the next president of the 5BBC. I am excited to take on the job, but wonder why Liz Baum looked like the happiest person at the General Meeting. I want to thank Liz for all that she has done for this club. She has helped train so many of our leaders. She has given her knowledge, time and energy leading the Club as president for the past two years. Thank you Liz.

Leadership is a team sport. And I feel that we have assembled a great slate of nominees for the 2014 Board. Working together, we hope to give all of you all those things I loved about my first ride. Going to cool places, getting some exercise, and enjoying the company of our fellow cyclists. Here is our team:

Vice President – Shawn Carney

I was cramping, exhausted, with sagging spirits. Shawn hung back, made me laugh, and reached her arm out to help push me up a hill. Her Graffiti rides are always some of the year's highlights. That's the kind of person I want leading the 5BBC. As Veep, Shawn can apply herself to any projects that her mind and creativity think up. Also, I am pleased to announce that Shawn will continue in her role as club assassin. You best pay your dues.

Treasurer – Eliz Peters

When you lead a ride with Eliz, you realize how detail oriented she is. She doesn't cut corners when it comes to planning or execution. An experienced Captain and Marshal, a good flat fixer and a cool head in any situation. She is always cautious, observant and looks out for others. These are all qualities one would want in a Treasurer. She is also the single most irritated person if have ever met about motorists parking in the bike lane.

Secretary – Andrea Mercado

Andrea's value is far more than merely the person who has to turn the kaleidoscopic discussions of a 5BBC Board Meeting into a coherent document. She is a person who has the experience and sense of club history that a relative newbie like me lacks. 'Drea, if I blather on too long during a meeting – just give me a kick under the table.

Day Rides Coordinator – Bill Mastro

Day rides are the heart and soul of the 5BBC. Every weekend we have rides going in all directions. All five boroughs. New Jersey. Upstate. Long Island. Each ride must be designed and led by club leaders. The Day Rides Coordinator is the guy who gently nudges leaders to post their rides. Bill also leads by example, developing and pointing some of our most interesting rides. One final note – I made Bill do this. Sorry Bill, but you are just the best person for the job. Thanks also to Fritz Van Orden and Geoff Cohen for their wonderful efforts this past year.

Leadership – Manny Sanudo and Ed Sobin

Every 5BBC ride is designed by a leader. Every ride is pointed and swept by a leader. Emergencies during the ride are handled by a leader. Training great leaders is one of the core needs for the Club. Manny and Ed are responsible for molding good cyclists into great leaders. Join the Leadership Class of 2015. Become a 5BBC Leader.

Membership – Mark Guralnick

Every Friday many of us head to our Facebook pages to see the meal that Mark and Joanne had on their weekly ride and dine. Is it any wonder why Mark gravitated to the 5BBC? After being a frequent tripper, Mark now steps up to his first official role with the Club. Welcome aboard.

Weekend Trips – Jim Zisfein and Doug Von Hoppe

One of the things that our members always clamor for are more weekend trips. Over the last few years, this has been a week spot for the club. In the upcoming year, we plan to have some fun weekend trips. Let's go to Bash Bish Falls in the beautiful Berkshires [how is that for alliteration] Let's take a Friday off and go to Montreal. Want to make this a reality? Contact Dr. Jim or Doug. Pitch in and help out. Let's have an adventure together?

Our Media Team – Wendy Frank, Alfredo Garcia, Allan Friedman and Peter Engel:

Getting the word out. Every week our members get the Weekly Updates and Events from Allan. Alfredo is the editor of our features magazine, The Bicycletter. Peter Engel is doing whatever it is that you do in the Twittersphere. Wendy's media witchcraft secured the 5BBC mention in local blogs, bicycling magazine, New York 1 and the Daily News. Over the past years we have a sensational new web site and a vibrant Face Book Community with over 1,300 likes. Simply put – our media team ROCKS !

They Also Serve – Join our Volunteering Community.

Throughout the year, there are always events that require volunteers to make sure things happen. Ed Raven and Steve Bauman head our efforts during Summer Streets. Bob Castro heads our partnership with Bike New York, where our leaders host Cruise Rides to teach adults how to ride. Ken Williams gets the Holiday Party together. We have numerous Captains and Marshals on the Five Borough Bike Tour, the TA Century, The Epic Ride and numerous other events. We have people manning a table at the Bike Expo. If you have skill, talent, time and desire – contribute to making the club, and the cycling community, a better place.

Looking Ahead

In the four years that I have been in the 5BBC, I have seen the Club grow in numbers, grow in spirit, and grow in fun. I am proud to have done my part. I have met amazing people. I have gone on some rides that I could not have imagined doing only four years ago. I have learned interesting things about my City and about myself. I hope that in the upcoming year, we continue to move forward. We continue to be “New York's Friendliest Bike Club.”

See you on the road.

David MEL Meltzer