Tenure coming to a close

As my many years of being a member of the board come to a close by choice, I wish all the present members of the board great success. We are always looking for and need more help. We need more of you to become leaders, more of you to write blurbs, take pictures and read our website.

We encourage all of you to buy our SWAG and when our new jerseys come out to help support out club by buying them and wearing them proudly to promote our club. We will soon be announcing election nominations and social locations , please come and support your club and your friends. I wish to thank WENDY for the great article that was published in the Daily News, and all her networking to promote the club, and Allan for the weekly club e-mail. A shout-out to Shawn for her many artistic and other contributions including with Amy for the work on the new website, our leadership Pair of Manny and Ed, our day rides pushers of Fritz and Geoff, Andrea for her minutes, Bill for being the treasure he is as a leader and as our treasurer and Dave as VP. Alfredo who never tires of photos and articles; Bob Castro, for his work with TA, Bike New York and our club; Phil - Bike 21 - who endlessly drops off bike cases to, and picks them up from, our members who travel far and wide. Ed Ravin , our historian, Peter Engel , our writer and event organizer. And finally, Ed Pino for his assistance with Bike New York, for meeting space. If I have forgotten anybody, please put your two cents in via an article.

THIS NOTE ADDED BY ALLAN: Thanks to you too Liz for your leadership over the years culminating in this one. While you are posting this now, I know we will continue to benefit from your leadership until the new board is elected and installed on December 1st as per the bylaws (which are available by the way for anyone to read on our web site here)!