News round-up June 17, 2014

How about ending some 5BBC rides at one of these spots for post-ride refreshments? And maybe stopping at these spots for a mid-ride lunch?

Want to learn how to fix a flat or perform basic bike maintenance? Bike New York is holding some Bike Maintenance 101 classes in the coming months. Check them out.

The first large-scale academic paper on protected bike lanes has been published! Also, Streetsblog has an interesting article on the proposed Bay Ridge bike plans that are hopefully going to be put in place next year. And this article on why women don't cycle as much as men suggests that, for the most part, it's not because they're concerned about getting to a cycling destination looking fashionable. Well, let's all breathe a sigh of relief about that.

The government is looking to regulate mapping apps. While this may initially only affect drivers and software developers, it seems likely to have a trickle-down effect on cyclists. And for those of you who use Google as your cycling map guide, here's an interesting article about the ups and downs of a trip from NYC to Montreal using only Google Maps to guide the way.

Sunday July 6th is the TA Tour de Queens! This slow paced, 20 mile route is a family-friendly way to introduce the kids or spouse or grandma or neighbor or friend to cycling. Share your passion for cycling by getting everyone around you hooked on it, too!

ARE PIGS FLYING? Because The New York Post actually has a bicycle positive article!!! Sure, it's about coaches for children and adults to learn to ride, but STILL!

Lastly, the over-the-top Buzzfeed video "Terrifying Things About Bicycling" is worth a watch. Part Reefer Madness, part cycling advocacy, it's at least got people talking. Even if what they're saying is questionable.