Give the gift of bicycling. It will cost you $0.

Know someone who would enjoy bicycling, but needs a little push?


We know you love bicycling. You probably have adult family members or friends who would enjoy bicycling as much as you, but they’re not riding because ... they don’t have a bike, or haven’t been on a bike in years, or are afraid to ride in traffic, or would ride with a group (like 5BBC!) but are unsure of their skills, or [insert excuse here].


Check out Bike New York’s Bike Path Cruise Rides. These are slow-paced, short distance, instructional rides on bike paths (no motor traffic to worry about), perfect for that someone who needs confidence-building to get back into bicycling. Participants don't even need to own a bike; they're provided by Bike New York. 


Bike Path Cruise Rides are led by 5BBC ride leaders who share their enthusiasm for bicycling by teaching group riding skills to novice cyclists. Best of all, the rides are free.


Jim Zisfein
5BBC ride leader (and Bike Path Cruise Ride leader)