How to Post An Article

A few easy steps:

1) Click on the Articles pulldown on the main menu at the top of the web site and select Articles.

2) Read any you have not read yet (optional) and then scroll down to "Add Artcile" and click on the button.

3) Choose a clever inviting title, write to your hearts content and then click on "Publishing Options" in the grey section underneath the Body Box to the left hand side.

4) Then click the SAVE button at the bottom. (Or if you have more than one idea for an article, hit "Safe and Add another". And if you want to preview your writing before published, hit preview and then hit SAVE after reviewing).

5) Wait for your article to be approved and then tell all your friends by sending them a link to it! And let know if you want them to promote it in the weekly :)

There. As easy as 1-2-3-4-5!