News round-up April 11, 2014

With spring in the air, more cyclists are out on the road again. This might be the time to start practicing your mindfulness while cycling. Get Up and Ride's Lisa Markuson has a great article on this over at Transportation Alternatives. Stretch, take some deep breaths, visualize a pleasant ride and go read the article. Bicycling Magazine also has an interesting article on the cognitive benefits of cycling here

Good news! Manhattan's Community Board 2 unanimously passed a plan to implement a protected bike lane on Lafayette Street between Spring St and 14th St. Construction has already started and it should be done by summer. That's a more realistic timeline than the George Washington Bridge upgrade planned for completion in 2024 that, amongst other improvements, will get rid of the hair-pin turn on the Manhattan side. So, you still have another decade to perfect your 180 degree turn without clipping out. 

Did you manage to get to the soggy Red Hook Crit? If so or if not, check out these field portraits of some of the women racers. Beautifully done. Also cool is this video from Visual Artwork of the Evolution of the Bicycle

If you're looking to pick up some bike parts and accessories for a good price, check out the upcoming Bike Jumbles. And for a good laugh, BikeSnobNYC is always a good read. He reviews an invention that cools you down while riding on hot summer days in the dorkiest way possible. 

The Ninth Annual Ghost Bike Memorial Ride was held Sunday April 6th to remember the cyclists and pedestrians who've been killed this past year. If you weren't able to make it, you can check out Gothamist's article and photos here. Check out Streetsblog's Weekly Carnage to see who we've lost so far this year to this senseless violence. WNYC is tracking traffic deaths of pedestrians and cyclists here, too. If you're looking for a map of 2013's cycling injuries, you can find one here. Note that Broadway in Williamsburg is not a safe place for cyclists, so either stay away or be alert. Also on this topic is an article from Bicycling Magazine's blog about why dangerous drivers seem to get more protection from the law than their victims do.