Results of the 5BBC 2020 Elections I am pleased to announce the following people have been elected to the board for the 2020-2021 year. President: Allan Friedman, co-Vice-Presidents: Dave Meltzer and Corie La Rocca, co-Treasurers: Steve Lyon and Alicia Davey, Membership team: consisting of Maureen Gafney, Mark Guralnick and Janice Fortune, Leadership team: Chris DeMeo and Manny Sanudo, Day Trips team of Bill Mastro and Sarit Levy. Co-Secretary team of M. Daniel Bach and Toby Weiner. There were no ballot issues of any kind and no allegations as to voter fraud. As all the positions were unchallenged we are not waiting for any concession speeches. Congratulations to the new board. As you are aware, this club is an all-volunteer organization, if you would like to join any of these committees such as communications, volunteer coordinator etc, please contact us and we would be happy to have extra hands for our activities, just let any board member know. Happy riding to everyone during these challenging times. M. Daniel Bach- Co-secretary.

UPDATED PER THE NOVEMBER SPECIAL MEETING TO DISCUSS COVID RESURGENCE: The club is now limiting rides to 2 leaders and 8 riders and monitoring for any further needs to adjust guidelines. Continue to check back to the web site for latest details.




As New York cautiously and partly reopens, the Executive Board of the 5BBC has voted to also cautiously end the ride hiatus that has been in effect since March and allow the listing of some limited group rides, subject to new requirements and criteria that are set forth below.  We are excited to offer ride listings once again, but realize the importance of doing so in a limited and controlled manner.  

PLEASE, PLEASE review the criteria and understand that nothing is optional.

A key component of opening the ride listing is a requirement that in order to join a ride, a member must register for the ride in advance and in order to register the member must agree to a new Addendum to the Waiver that addresses COVID-19.  By registering and participating on any ride, you agree to be bound by the terms of all Waivers and you agree to follow and abide by all criteria. Additionally, please note that the number of participants on any ride is limited to 14, 2 leaders and 12 riders. August Board Meeting Increased to just shy of half the state and one quarter the city limit. We want to be cautious and careful and will revisit in 2021. (Updated October 9th, 2020)

As the Club continues to increase the number of ride listings since reopening, please be aware that we are in a very fluid time period and we expect that the landscape will likely evolve.  Hopefully, it evolves so that things may open up further, but it may not.  The Club will adjust to the evolving landscape.  Also, understand that some ride leaders may not be comfortable leading rides at this time.  Additionally, in order to effectuate this reopening, a number of technical changes have been made. Some of these modifications were complex, so we ask that you bear with us in the event that there are any technical difficulties requiring additional tweaking of any of the changes. We know the waitlist situation is not implemented as we'd like and are doing the best we can. Please make sure to keep your status on rides current - take yourself off if you were confirmed and cannot make it, and remove yourself from waitlists as soon as you know you no longer wish to join that ride.


Five Borough Bicycle Club Temporary Criteria, Rules and Requirements

The Executive Board of the 5BBC in response to the cycling situation necessitated by COVID-19 has instituted temporary criteria, rules and requirements (“Criteria”) for participation on 5BBC rides. These Criteria may be modified periodically based on the status of the pandemic. All members and leaders within the 5BBC should familiarize themselves with the Criteria and must follow the Criteria in order to participate on 5BBC rides: 

1. Only members may join and participate on 5BBC rides. In order to participate the rider must be over 18 years of age.  

2. In order to participate on a ride, you must pre-register for the ride on the ride listing. If you cannot make the ride, you must remove yourself from the registration list.  Please do not register and then not show-up as this will needlessly take up a spot another member could utilize.  Multiple instances of registering and not showing for a ride may result in a member losing the ability to register for rides. 

3. The total number of participants for a ride is limited to six riders, and two leaders for a total of eight riders.

4. Leaders can not utilize indoor lunch stops and should be careful about their choice of restroom locations whenever possible using restroom locations that facilitate social distancing. Lunch stops should be outside with sufficient capacity to social distance and riders should be encouraged to bring their own lunch, drinks and snacks.  

5. Social distancing must be maintained at all times on the ride and leaders may remove a rider for not following distancing rules or for not adhering to any of these Criteria or for not following the requirements set forth by the leader.  Pace lines are not permitted and riders should adequately distance from one another based upon the pace of the ride and weather conditions.   Riders should seek to maintain a distance of 20-25 feet between them selves and other riders when in motion. 

6.  Riders must bring facial mask coverings with them and such masks are required to be used in any area where the density does not allow for appropriate social distancing, including while riding.  

7. There will be no hard copy sign-in sheets or Waivers at the start of a ride.  In order to participate on a ride, a member must agree to the 5BBC Waiver, Affirmation and Release of Liability, including the Addendum to such document. Registration and participation on the ride is deemed and considered agreement to all such documents.  Leaders will affirmatively indicate this prior to the start of the ride.  

8. There will be no handouts of hard copies of cue sheets. Leaders are encouraged to electronically distribute to the registered riders cue sheets and/or gps files in advance of the ride.

9.  The exact start location of the ride will not be listed on the ride listing, though the leader should indicate a general location in the ride listing blurb. Leaders will forward start locations to those who register.

10. No joint rides with other Clubs will be permitted.

11. Rides requiring all ride participants to utilize mass transit (e.g. all meet at Grand Central for a train to the start of a ride) are not permitted at this time.

12.  If a rider does not feel well or has any symptoms they SHOULD NOT participate on a ride. Riders must be free of symptoms for at least the previous 14 days in order to participate on a ride.

13.  Riders should be aware that in event of a mechanical, leaders and other riders may be unable to lend assistance due to appropriate social distancing requirements.

14.  Ride participants should follow all guidelines for appropriate hygiene and bring hand sanitizer or the like.

15. Leaders may at their discretion further restrict participation in their rides by so indicating in the ride description blurb.  Leaders are NOT permitted to waive any of the above Criteria.  

As a reminder, we had a virtual training class on first aid on group rides - if you missed it, you can watch it here: First Aid when cycling in Groups by Jim Zisfein

Please read to end for major updates including: All weekend trips for 2020 refundable at tripper request; memberships active in 2020 will be extended and will receive face masks. Details within.

For details on the club's reopening - please read this announcement.

Prior communications related to the pandemic and 5BBC being on hiatus:

The 5BBC has and continues to closely monitor developments regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  As you are aware States of Emergency have been declared by government at various levels.  Therefore, consistent with social solidarity and the latest recommendations for reducing viral spread, the 5BBC is INDEFINITELY suspending all Club sanctioned rides or in-person gatherings of any type until further notice.   

As the friendliest bike club, we urge all of our members to stay in contact with their friends and be supportive during this trying time.  We also urge all of you to be aware of the changing landscape related to COVID-19 and to understand the important preventative practices that may minimize your and your loved ones  exposure.  Please be safe and healthy, and we hope to be riding with you all very soon. Read a piece on riding safe in the age of Corona here. Also, we have virtual programming available for you here.

Decisions have been made to cancel the Montreal, DC and most recently the Boston Weekend trips. Please keep an eye on the web site individual weekend trip postings for such decisions - all fees will be refunded. Also, the board has discussed and decided that for any remaining weekend trips, none will go out while on hiatus, but we are generally waiting until closer to the time of the trip to see if the situation changes to allow them to go - or they have been moved further out in the season (eg. Memorial Day Weekend Trip has been shifted to labor day). In all cases, anyone uncomfortable joining a weekend trip during this time can request a full refund and receive it.

On April 17th, 2020 the Executive Board of the club held a special board meeting to vote on a formal action. This letter (follow the link to see a copy of it) was sent to members informing them of the decision taken to extend memberships for six months or the duration of hiatus, whichever is longer.

And On April 27th The Board took a unique action to OFFER ALL ACTIVE MEMBERS a FREE FACE MASK

Members should have received this e-mail on May 6th with details on how to order your free mask.
The option also exists to buy additional at $7 if you'd like (at cost plus shipping)
These will be made at the last known factory making knits in THE BRONX!
We are supporting local business and returning back to our members
Please remember to place your order in order to receive your mask.

Ask your NYC Council Member to support Resolution 1072-2016. Co-sponsored by Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez and CM Costa Constantinides,1072-2016 calls upon the Port Authority to widen the GWB paths as part of the upcoming recabling. And if they already support the resolution, thank them!

Share this with your mailing list and on your social media!

– To find your local Council Member, click here.

– For the text of 1072-2016, click here.

– For more info on widening the GWB, click here.


Overall this winter was a huge improvement over winter 2015.  But it was still winter and many of us cut back the extent of our riding.  But fear not, spring is coming and so is the 5BBC Spring Training Series.  Starting the first weekend in March, we will be listing a diverse offering of fun rides to help put the winter doldrums behind us and get us in shape for the season.  This year in addition to old favorites, we will be offering some new training rides to new locations.

The spring training series is the perfect vehicle to help train for a century (regular or metric), other events, the Five Borough Bicycle Tour or just to participate in great rides with fun groups.  We will have various mileage and speed options - be sure to only join a ride appropriate for your level.  Additionally, we will still offer our other rides (can anyone say Empanada Ride), some of which can double as training rides for shorter events like the 5BBT.  Ride listings should be appearing shortly.  Check back regularly for updates and new listings as the calendar will keep expanding with new offerings.  Encourage your favorite leaders to list a training ride. And please ride safely at all times. If you have any questions, or suggestions email



spring training


Dear 5BBC,

As the Membership Coordinator, I am interested in what you would like the Club to offer.  Obviously, we all want to continue having great rides, but what else would you like?  More Happy Face Rides or Advanced Moderate Rides?  More socials?  Bike Repair or Skills Courses?  This is YOUR club and I would love to hear from as many members as possible.  Please log onto the FORUM and give me your thoughts.  To go to the FORUM, simply log onto the web page as a club member, click the COMMUNITY link and then scroll down to the MEMBERS FORUM.

We are also planning a Spring Kickoff Meeting for all members to celebrate the coming of the 2016 Spring Cycling Season.  Still in the planning stages, but more will be revealed in the near future.



Join us for our first social of 2016 @ Inform Fitness, 201 E. 56th Street, #2

January 20th 2016

7P.M.- 9P.M.

We had a great turn out last year so we thought we would do it again.

Learn about a strength program and exercise that is done in just 20 minutes a week.

Learn about the Power of 10!

Learn about nutrition to help us exercise and build strength.

Adam Zuckerman is the owner and developer of this unique program, come meet him. He will show you what Ed and Liz do to keep in shape.

Light refreshments will be served.

The following persons were elected to the respective Board positions named below, for the 2016 term:

Shawn Carney – President

Andrea Casertano – Vice President

Bill Mastro – Day Trips

Ed Sobin – Leadership Training

David Meltzer and Mark Guralnick, jointly – Membership

Andrea Mercado – Secretary.

Elizabeth Peters -- Treasurer

A great Thanksgiving to all.  Remember , on that day overeating is a sacred and patriotic duty.:) See you all at the Holiday party.  Until then, if not before, on the road,

Andrea  Mercado,



Nominations--No further nominations were received from Club members present at the October 19th meeting meeting or received by the Secretary through email. Accordingly, the list below reflects all the Club members running for 2016 Board positions this year:


Shawn Carney – President

Andrea Casertano – Vice President

Elizabeth Peters – Treasurer

Andrea Mercado—Secretary

Day Trips Coordinator – Bill Mastro

Membership Coordinator – David Meltzer and Mark Guralnick jointly

Leadership Training Coordinator – Ed Sobin


Dates and Mechanics of Election--Elections will take place electronically and online and will open on October 25th and close on November 8th. Each Club member in good standing will receive an email with a hyperlink to the ballot.  Members may cast their votes for write in candidates as well as those whose names appear on the ballot. They may cast only one vote per position, the vote for  members running jointly, to count as only one vote. The results will be reported at the November 9th membership meeting and social at Galaways’ . 


Happy to do my best to answer any questions sent to me at


Over and out,


Andrea Mercado







Hats off to all of us for another great year. 
Our club is governed by all of us—its members.  Each year we elect 7 of us to be members of the Executive Board of Directors, who commit for the year to contribute their time by filling the roles as described at the bottom of this email blast and, in greater detail, in the bylaws found on our website. Each elected member serves for a period of one Club fiscal year, between December 1 and November 30.

We are all volunteers. There are many ways any and all of us keep it running—the ride Leaders without which day trips and weekend trips would not happen; the folks who volunteer to table at bike community events, everyone who encourages their friends or neighbors to ride with us, serving on the Executive Board and those who volunteer to take on non-Executive Board tasks for the year, to be our Communications or the Website Coordinators or on a one-off basis—to help with holiday party, for example.
We encourage you all to take ownership of your Club—to run for office, become Leaders, to lead rides, to reach out to any of the Board members to offer your time or resources (for example, free meeting areas)

Under the bylaws, which are listed on the 5BBC website, the Nominating Committee presents the slate of candidates at or before the 6PM-8pm October 19th Member Meeting at Galway Pub, 7 East 36th Street | New York, NY 10016 (212-725-2353 | The slate of candidates I have received is listed below. Anyone else may nominate themselves or anyone else by doing so at the meeting or by emailing me at
The site and mechanisms for voting online will be announced on the 5BBC website in the days following the October meeting. Results will be announced at the end of the 6PM-8PM Novermber 9th Member Meeting, again, at Galway Pub, 7 East 36th Street | New York, NY 10016 (212-725-2353 |

We hope to see all of you at the Holiday Party on December 18th, at Dinosaur BBQ.

Andrea M Mercado
Secretary and for the Nominations Committee


Candidate Slate for 2016
President – Shawn Carney
Vice President – Andrea Casertano
Treasurer – Elizabeth Peters
Secretary – Andrea M Mercado
Daytrips Coordinator – Bill Mastro
Leadership Training – Ed Sobin
Membership Coordinator – Mark Guralnick & David Meltzer (jointly)
Meetings -- least six times per year, by telephone or in person

  • The President presides at all meetings and is the Club’s CEO.
  • The Vice-President assumes the President’s office in the absence of the President and may head specific projects or oversee specific activities.
  • The Secretary keeps Board meeting minutes the Executive Board and the Executive Council and posts summary minutes on the Club webcite, and is responsible for general Club correspondence.
  • The Treasurer directs Club’s finances and prepares periodic financial statements, prepares and oversee the annual budget, receive and deposit collected dues, account for all funds received or disbursed by the Club, prepare reports of receipts and expenditures, maintain an inventory and listing of Club assets, coordinate insurance coverage, and coordinate the filing of the Club’s tax returns.
  • The Membership Coordinator promotes membership in the Club, coordinates with outside organizations on membership related matters, responds to member inquires.
  • The Rides Coordinator coordinates all  Club ride scheduling, be they day trips, weekend trips or other rides.
  • The Leadership Coordinator  organizes the leadership training course, assists new Leaders in the process of leading rides, promotes bicycle safety and maintains ride Leader lists

Note that responsibility for any Director, Officer or Coordinator position may be shared by two persons, who for election purposes run as a joint team to fill the position. The President, Vice-President, Rides Coordinator, and Leadership Training Coordinator must be Club ride Leaders. No person shall take office as President or Treasurer unless he or she has been a Club Member for at least two years or has been a member of the Executive Board for at least six months. The President may serve for no more than three (3) consecutive terms.