David Schlichting was a long time member of the New York City cycling community and was well know and much loved. He was killed by a hit and run driver Sunday morning while riding. Details available here. David started riding with the Bike Committee of AYH (now known as the 5 Boro Bike Club) in the mid 1970's.  By the late 70's he was a leader in the club, leading rides in mostly in... Read more

It’s Spring Training time. Slowly, but surely, the temperatures will start to rise. The days will start to get longer. Daylight Savings will return. And after a winter of either hibernating or doing shorter rides, us cyclists will be back on the road, getting the kinks out and extending our miles. The 5BBC is here to help. Starting Saturday, March 2nd, with the usual initial ride to Hicksville,... Read more

Welcome to Five Borough Bicycle Club


Training for this year's tour on May 5th? Do it with the 5BBC!

by Allan Friedman

  This page is dedicated to the 5BBC's special relationship with Bike New York. The 5BBC has been involved in supporting the TD Five Boro Bike Tour since inception. We know it well and love it! Read more about its history and our role in it here. And this year will be no different. We have a spring training series that runs every year through March and April. It's designed to help those who don't... Read more

by Christopher DeMeo

The Velodrome is where man and machine become one, for the single purpose of going faster than the next guy. It's the bicycle equivilent of a speedway, with its banked corners, smooth surface, and grandstands fro cheering crowds. Its normally reserved for the best cyclists, who bring their years of experience, nerves of steel, bikes and bodies tuned to perfection. In Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, is... Read more

Urk Urk Urk

by David Meltzer

There is a saying that you often hear from 5BBC riders -  "You never know what you will see on a ride."  Interesting things always seem to happen when you place a group of cyclists in strange environments.  And few areas of NYC are stranger than Dead Horse Bay.  Now part of the Gateway National Seashore, Dead Horse Bay was never exactly a scenic part of New York.  As the New York Times stated, “... Read more

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