Results of the 5BBC 2020 Elections I am pleased to announce the following people have been elected to the board for the 2020-2021 year. President: Allan Friedman, co-Vice-Presidents: Dave Meltzer and Corie La Rocca, co-Treasurers: Steve Lyon and Alicia Davey, Membership team: consisting of Maureen Gafney, Mark Guralnick and Janice Fortune, Leadership team: Chris DeMeo and Manny Sanudo, Day Trips... Read more

Welcome to Five Boro Bike Club


sign the petition for access to the Verrazzano

by Roy Fischman

We want access for bicycles and pedestrians to the Verrazzano Bridge Now when more and more commuters are shunning public transportation because of the pandemic, we need the bridge to be accessible more than ever. Sign the petition. When we reach 10,000 signatures, it gets to Governor Cuomo's desk. Petition for Bicycle and Pedestrian Access to the Verrazzano Bridge    

Borough by Borough

by David Meltzer

        You get any group of cyclists together, and inevitably they will start bitching about infrastructure. Crowding on the Brooklyn and Queensboro Bridges. Poorly marked bike lanes. Terrible pavement. And yes, we have a long way to go for safer cycling. But this article is more about looking back and seeing how far we have come. Here are my top five infrastructure improvements - one in each... Read more

We appreciate your patience and are working hard to get rides going

by Maureen Gaffney

To all of our longstanding members we want to take a moment to thank you for your patience and support during the pandemic. To our many new members who are taking up cycling anew or after a long break, we are happy to have you and welcome you to the club. If any member ever has have any questions,  we love hearing from you! Please do not hesitate to e-mail us at It has not... Read more

Replays of virtual programs from our hiatus available here

by Allan Friedman

It is very clear that this pandemic is, unfortunately, not a "short" thing. This too will pass, but we have no clue when. As we have written elsewhere about the 5BBC - we are a community. Being New York's friendliest bike club, while we can't ride the way we typically do, we will commune in ways that respect social distancing guidelines but let us come together and enjoy each other's friendship,... Read more

Hint: Stay home if you're sick!

by Jim Zisfein

  Covid-19 is a worldwide pandemic respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus. Typical symptoms include fever and cough. Covid-19 is highly prevalent in the New York City area and we all should be practicing contagion avoidance measures. Wash your hands regularly (especially before eating) with soap and water or sanitizer. Avoid touching your face unless your hands have just been washed... Read more

Consider helping us do more, please :)

by Allan Friedman

Volunteers are the lifeblood of  our club,  most of the bike clubs in our area and around the country,  and in fact - even the mass rides that support the advocacy and education organizations who are our strategic partners.   To deliver the value we do, we need and are grateful for volunteers.   First and foremost, the LEADERS who lead rides in this club are the lifeblood of the club... Read more

A guide to Winter Riding

by David Meltzer

Winter is Coming In Game of Thrones, the phrase “Winter is Coming” was meant to instill fear. So too, many cyclists also fear the winter. As the temperatures drop, the bike gets hung on the wall, not toemerge until Spring Training. But, it does not have to be like that. You CAN ride in the Winter. You CAN have fun riding in the winter. Here is some advice. WHY RIDE: Personally, I love the chill... Read more

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