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Welcome to Five Borough Bicycle Club


A guide to Winter Riding

by David Meltzer

Winter is Coming In Game of Thrones, the phrase “Winter is Coming” was meant to instill fear. So too, many cyclists also fear the winter. As the temperatures drop, the bike gets hung on the wall, not toemerge until Spring Training. But, it does not have to be like that. You CAN ride in the Winter. You CAN have fun riding in the winter. Here is some advice. WHY RIDE: Personally, I love the chill... Read more

Reason #2: PDS (aka Point Drop Sweep)

by Allan Friedman

One of our unique attributes as a club is the Point Drop Sweep (PDS) System that we use on most of our rides.   There are other philosophies in cycling that focus on speed, getting to a particular destination as quickly as possible perhaps stopping at key points along the way to have a quick look, and riding together in a very disciplined way (training required) or in the racer's “peloton” as... Read more

Don't miss out! Unique opportunity this fall....

by Bill Mastro

Have you ever wanted to lead 5BBC rides, but were unable to take or complete the 5BBC Leadership Training Course? We have an alternative just for you. The 5BBC Board will continue to offer our well-loved traditional Leadership Training Course in 2020. However, we also recognize that for various reasons the traditional course does not work for everyone. Therefore, we are implementing a pilot... Read more

How to ride with the 5BBC

by David Meltzer

This article is intended for new members to show them how to ride with the Five Borough Bicycle Club. However, we hope that all riders can benefit from what is discussed below. If you follow the principals and procedures in this guide – you will have a great riding experience every time you are on the bike. I. Your Bicycle There are many types of bicycles that the 5BBC allows on rides. While most... Read more

Personalize and send this letter to your City Council representative

by Jim Zisfein

Must the City Destroy the East River Greenway in Order to Save It? Would you be incensed if your city government planned to demolish the largest park in your neighborhood, cut down nearly 1,000 trees, bury the park’s amenities including multiple athletic facilities and the city’s most prominent greenway, and then take “at least” three and one-half years to replace what was destroyed? Mature shade... Read more

Reason #1: It’s New York’s Friendliest Bike Club

by Allan Friedman

As we start 2020, I thought I would just make a small tweak to my message from 2019. Our objectives for the club remain unchanged. Priority 1 - bring you more rides, rides, rides, We have almost 20 new leaders posting rides over the past 18 months and the results are showing and we expect them to continue to grow. If you'd like to become a leader, we will be running our traditional class in the... Read more

The FIVE Boroughs

by Ted Kushner

Round and round and round we may go, and where we stop.. well, ultimately back where we started, but that is the essence of a true perimeter ride – after all, we are The FIVE Borough Bicycle Club, and what better way is there to explore the quintuplets? Although each plat may be unique in terms of shape, size, architecture, population, culture, history, waterfront access, and even number of bike... Read more

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