Avoiding Obstacles on the Road

When we first learned to ride a bike, that just meant being able to balance, pedal and steer. While these are core to the art of cycling, they are only the first few skills necessary to becoming a cyclist. Staying safe on your bike also requires you to learn how to effectively scan the road and handle your bicycle. These two skills will improve your chances of having a great ride by making it a safe cycling experience.

Scanning the road

Stay alert! Even if you know the route and you're riding with friends, make sure you are paying attention at all times. 

Do the Dutch Reach!

What the heck is a “Dutch Reach”? 


If you, or anyone you know, has ever been “doored”, then you need to practice the Dutch Reach.


What do the Dutch reach for? Oliebollen (Dutch doughnuts)? Of course! Tulips? Sure!


But the Dutch, known for their bicycle addiction, also reach for something else…safety. Simply the Dutch Reach is a safer way to leave your car; safer for you and for any passing cyclists.


Safety and Riding with Headphones

It’s common sense and it’s the law:

Bicyclists in New York State are prohibited by law from wearing more than one earphone attached to a telephone, radio or other audio device.  § 375(24-a) (NYS VEHICLE and TRAFFIC LAW)

You could be startled by a cyclist passing you, miss a shouted warning about upcoming road hazard.  It’s hard to avoid an approaching car you can’t hear.

If that's not enough reason to comply, police can and do ticket for violations.