New Haven Scout

Featuring the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail
Featuring the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail
Friday, April 16, 2021 - 10:45
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Join Allan and Myles as we explore this great town 2 hours north by train of New York City. 

We will take Metro North from Grand Central (you are welcome to meet up by car if you prefer), and arrive at Union Station in New Haven.

We will ride round trip 45 miles or so along the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail.

Optional for those who would like to explore the city of New Haven itself, upon our return, we will look around downtown and check out the Yale campus and perhaps a few other places.

5-10 extra miles to lay a foundation for...justify the calories of....

Early pizza dinner anyone? New Haven is famous for it's "apizza" as they call it.

All club rules and covid Guidelines strictly enforced. For those travelling by train start time is chosen to accomodate the 8:34am departure from Grand Central (8:44am 125th) arriving New Haven at 10:32am.

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