Garden City to Hewlett Harbor

Ride is Now On For Monday the 8th at 10:30 AM - An Early Spring Training Ride with Portions Being a True Scout
Ride is Now On For Monday the 8th at 10:30 AM - An Early Spring Training Ride with Portions Being a True Scout
Monday, March 8, 2021 - 10:30

This ride has been moved from March 1st to March 8th due to weather.  The new start time is 10:30  

Is it time to start spring training?  On a Monday? Well why not, as long as the weather cooperates.  This is a new variation on a ride developed a few years back.  But instead of starting in Queens, it starts in Garden City and makes its way to Hewlett Harbor and it utilizes some different roads to mix it up.  As such, part of the ride is a true scout, not ridden previously.  Be prepared for a missed turn or two.  Parts of the ride are quite scenic with some outrageous homes  

This is a ride designed for early, early spring training, especially after the awful weather we had in February.  It is 37 very flat miles with only 423 feet of elevation gain and no grade greater than 1.6%. Nonetheless, it is an advanced moderate ride where you need to maintain 14mph on flats. It is early and the ride meanders so we won't always being doing a full pace, but there will be times when we will.  

A caveat: as noted certain parts of the ride are brand brand new, so the ride is definitely part true scout. Be prepared for a whoops or two. 

Normally, we would stop and pick up lunch, but under the current circumstances, please bring your lunch, snacks and sufficient hydration, as it is very unlikely that we will stop to pick up food.  Also, as the ride starts late, please be sure to eat a good breakfast and have snacks as a lunch stop will also likely be late and quick.  Most importantly bring an upbeat inquisitive attitude ready to explore.

IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS: A reminder that you must register for the ride and that the exact start location will be forwarded to the registered riders.  Please 'unregister' if you can not make the ride so waited list folks can move up and take the slot.  All riders should come equipped with a mask, hand sanitizer/wipes, a spare tube, sunscreen, snacks and a bike in good condition, as well as being familiar with the current criteria for riding with the Club.


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Advanced Moderate
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