What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

193 years and still waiting...
193 years and still waiting...
Monday, January 18, 2021 - 11:00

Slavery began in NY State in 1626, and officially ended in 1827. Yet in 2021, housing segregation and discrimination, school segregation, economic disadvantage and police abuse still overshadows Black American life in NY as well as the rest of the country. During this history / discussion ride, we will go to some of the former slave labor sites in Brooklyn dating back to the Dutch settlement and then visit Weeksville, one of the largest communities of free Black Americans before the Civil War. Not far from there is Ocean Hill/Brownsville, the center of a racially charged teachers strike in 1968 that created huge rifts between NYC's Jewish and Black communities. Segregation in communities like this was formed due to government policy, such as the "redline" map shown with this listing (full picture at   https://s3.amazonaws.com/holc/tiles/NY/Brooklyn/1938/holc-scan.jpg ) where the government told bankers that not a single existing residential area of Brooklyn could be considered fully safe for mortgage lending due to the "infiltration" of "Negroes, Jews, and immigrants" (see https://dsl.richmond.edu/panorama/redlining/#loc=11/40.654/-74.129&city=...).

The ride begins and ends in central Brooklyn.

BRING LUNCH - we are not going indoors except for bathroom stops.

ALL CLUB COVID RULES WILL APPLY.  MAXIMUM 8 riders + 2 leaders per ride and you must have masks with you and maintain 6 feet distance at stops.

IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS: A reminder that you must register for the ride and that the exact start location will be forwarded to the registered riders.  Please 'unregister' if you can not make the ride so waited list folks can move up and take the slot.  All riders should come equipped with a mask, hand sanitizer/wipes, a spare tube, sunscreen, snacks and a bike in good condition, as well as being familiar with the current criteria for riding with the Club.

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