An RBG Brooklyn Tour

Celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life and career
Celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life and career
Saturday, January 16, 2021 - 11:00

For those of you who missed last weekend's RBG rides, we're doing them again! This version will stay in Brooklyn, touring the neighborhood where Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born and raised, ending at some Ruth-related past and future landmarks in downtown Brooklyn. Along the way, we'll talk about the New York City that RBG was born and grew up in, where racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism were not just normal business practices, they were government policy.

BRING LUNCH - we are not going indoors except for bathroom stops. Ride starts in central Brooklyn and finishes in downtown Brooklyn, 2 miles away.

ALL CLUB COVID RULES WILL APPLY.  MAXIMUM 8 riders + 2 leaders per ride and you must have masks with you and maintain 6 feet distance at stops.

IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS: A reminder that you must register for the ride and that the exact start location will be forwarded to the registered riders.  Please 'unregister' if you can not make the ride so waited list folks can move up and take the slot.  All riders should come equipped with a mask, hand sanitizer/wipes, a spare tube, sunscreen, snacks and a bike in good condition, as well as being familiar with the current criteria for riding with the Club.

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