Gerritsen Bike and Hike

New Start Time 11:00. Check Website for Weather Info
New Start Time 11:00. Check Website for Weather Info
Saturday, January 16, 2021 - 11:00

This is the third time that we are trying to do the ride - as weather put the kibosh on the other two.  We are once again heading to Gerritsen Beach. This is a very remote part of Brooklyn that still maintains it's nautical bungalow colony vibe.  At the foot of Gerritsen Avenue, if you know where to look, is the start of the Marine Park Salt Marsh Nature Trail.  After a few hundred feet you are no longer part of the City.  You find yourself surrounded by tall grasses, the sounds of the City fade away.  And then you come across these amazing views of the marsh itself.  Some of this trail is bikeable, some is kinda bikeable, and some will be walked.  It's all part of the adventure.  There is no planned lunch stop on the ride - so please pack your own lunch and we will make a brief stop to gobble it down.

This is a 20 mile ride, and we will be doing it at a moderate pace. Of course, some of this ride is off road, and pace really is not a thing.  This ride is suitable for hybrids, gravel bikes, etc.  Leave your carbon fiber bike with skinny tires at home.  As is noted in the title of the ride - some of it we will be walking and hiking as the sandy and/or muddy trails may not be suitable for riding.


1.  If you do not intend to do this ride-  please do not sign up and take up someone else's spot.  It's not fair to your fellow club members.  If you do sign up and have to delist for a legitimate reason, please let me know as soon as possible.

2.  If it pours the night before, we will likely go out to Gerritsen but will not be able to use the trails as they will turn to a morass of muddy gloop.

3.  The exact start location will be provided before the ride to those who signed up and the first several on any waiting list.  

4.  We will be following all Covid protocols.  This means that when we stop, masks and social distancing are MANDATORY.



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